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Hello, this is a website for people who want to be writers or who are interested in writing! I hope you like this, I had another blog called My Blog and Stories, but this one is alot better, and the other one is deleted and has been moved onto here. There is Author of the month, which you can vote for on the survey, and there is plenty or other stuff. If you want to join than SOTW mail me and I will reply very fast, I check my mailbox every day, so you will get a reply! Follow the link below if you want to join! I hope you like this. I also have ranks for writers. There will be two judges who judge your work, and this site will help to improve your writing skills. When you join you will start with a copper rank and then you go higher, if you send us stories and we like them.If we like them you move to a higher rank and your story goes on the site. (That's if you want!)

So I hope you Enjoy!,
My Page, SOTW mail me

I am a Anne Frank fan, but if you don't like her, don't worry! It isn't all about Anne Frank!

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