The Best TIPS for the Best SLEEPOVERS!
Create Your Own Space
Here are GREAT ways to create your own space at your sleepover!

.Get a box and put lots of toys, boredum busters, and ice-brakers for you
The Main Course
Your guests are naturally going to be hungry at your sleepover, so here are a few recipes and ideas to break the hunger!

1. Serve sandwiches on bread and put them on a tray to make your guests feel imprtant.

2. You can have small mini-munchies that your friends can snack on if they get hungry. Things like cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, bite-size crackers, and miniature boxes of raisins make fun, healthy snacks!

3. Wrap mini hotdogs in ready-made crescent dough and bake at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes or until golden brown.

4. Use an ice-cream scoop to spoon ice-cream between bite-size cookies for small and tasty ice cream sandwiches that your guests will love!

5. Open your own pizzaria! Set small pizza doughs out and lots of different toppings that your guests can choose from to make their own miniature pizzas! It makes them feel important to be able to handle their own snacks.

6. Take fruit-juice and put it in the freezer over night and until your the guests at your party get hungry. Take them out and eat! Everyone enjoys a nice, popsicle!
Play With Your Food
Here are some cute, but super fun ways to make your guests think your snacks are unique!

1. For breakfast, you can make a tower out of french toast to make your guests feel like you are a pro and they are in a restaurant! Its really good, too!

2. Make home-made cupcakes with your guests! Make up a recipe as you go along and decorate the cupcakes really good! It will be delicious and a memorable memory! Here are some things to put on them:

. Icing
. Sprinkles
. Peanut Butter
. Chocoalte Chips
. Skittles, M&M's, RedHots, or Gumdrops
But whatever you do, make your OWN recipe; Be totally original! :)

3. Make your own pizza's for a tasty and awesome snack! It'll be original because each guest can put the topping on their pizza that they are most fond of! Each pizza is bound to be different!

4. Make Pancakes for breakfast and let your guests add their own toppings! Whipped cream and a kind of fresh fruit usually makes a delicious batch of pancakes!

5. Make delicious smoothies! Let your guests pick from a variety of fresh fruits, for example, banana, blueberries, strawberries, exc. Each guest can make their smoothie out of their favorite fruits! Be sure to use yogurt! A tropical, delicious, healthy, and refreshing snack all in one!
Midnight Munchies
Everyone sometimes wouldnt mind a midnight snack! I know I dont mind having one every once in a while! If you get hungry, use some of these ideas for snacks!

1. Make a special mix of pretzels, nuts, cereal, cheese-its, and M&M's for a delicious chex-mix that is bound to stop your tummy from growling!

2. Have your own ice-cream bar! Get out bowls and spoons and have a variety of toppings for vanilla ice-cream and let your guests decorate their scoops according to choice! Its a sweet snack that you will love!!

3. Have fresh fruit! Its healthy and so refreshing, and if you have a variety of different things, even junk-food addicts are going to find something they love! Fresh fruit is tasty and refreshing. It is also a healthy alternative for sugar, chips, and candy! It tastes just as sweet as sugar-filled snacks!

4. Simply bake cookies for a fun snack! Its easy and tasty at the same time! Make sure you cook at least two different kinds, and even have a vote before the party to make sure that you find a type of cookie everyone will like instead of sticking with YOUR favorite kind!

5. Make popcorn! If you get hungry, make a batch of popcorn and cuddle up and watch a movie, or just cuddle up together and talk! Popcorn is so delicious and its a great snack for sleep-overs! Add M&M's, chocolate raisins, recee-peecies, or skittles for a good companion! Be sure to have a roll of floss handy; popcorn kernels are hard to fish out of teeth!
Cool Contests and Prizes! XD
Having awesome contests and fun prizes will make your guests excited and they will definitely be having fun! Here are some cool contests and prizes!

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt! Divide the girls up into equal teams and give them flashlights(its even more fun to have it in the dark). Also, give them a camera so they can take pictures and have proof they have found these things. Also, give them a list where they can check it off. Tell them that after finding one item, they need to go back to the house to show the adult and erase the picture. Give them different jobs that I am listing below-

.Photographer- Will take the pictures.
.Manager- Will manage the group.
.Leader- Pick the one that is most familiar with the area.
.Sidekick- Name any extras sidekicks, so they can take over if they need to, and help in any way possible.

2. Have a mystery drink! Look around in your house to find some of the grossest foods and drinks to mix together. Whoever can gulp it down gets a prize! Here is a barf-worthy recipe to try!

. Peanut Butter
. Dr.Pepper
. Milk
. Mustard
. Sherbert
. Jelly
. One egg

3. Truth or Dare? This fun game is daring and simple! Take turns asking each other, "TRUTH OR DARE?". If they respond, "DARE", think of a dare that they could do. Example- Eat a spoonful of mustard OR put ice down their pants. If they respond "TRUTH", you can ask them any question, and they have to respond truthfully. For example- Have you ever ate a bogger?

Those are some fun contests, but here are some AWESOME prizes!

. Finger-nail Polish
. Posters
. Bracelets
. Candy! Its super easy!
. A quarter or dollar!

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