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This is the section where I would have some of your stories, if you would like of course. If you would like me to publish your stories on my blog, please send them to me. You can also send me tips, quotes, or anything else related to writing or authors. If you want me to show them on my blog, grant me permission when you send them.

Another thing. If you would like me to include a link to YOUR blog, I can very well do that. Send me the link of your blog, and maybe a little summary about what it is about. Then maybe I will paste it on my blog, for readers to read. If you don't include a summary, I might compose my own. Remember, if you send me a link you must state whether I have permission or not to paste it on my blog, or whether you just wanted me to read your blog;) I really hope to hear from you readers soon!!

Also, you may have noticed that I changed the title of my blog a few times...If you have any idea for a permanant title, please contact me:)

Hope to hear from you soon...Write on!
Sincerely, the author,
Kristen My Page-Contact me!
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