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Welcome to this page! So I assume that, if you are reading this, you are interested in writing, and no doubt reading, too. Well anyway, if that is so, it would be appreciated if you joined the forum to insert your input about this blog, the story, or well, writing!

According to Stephanie Meyer(author of Twilight series): "If you love to write, then write. Don't let your goal be having a novel published, let your goal be enjoying your stories. Believe in your own taste.Ē

So I ask you, fellow writers, what is your inspiration for writing? Do you have a specific writing process? What do you do when you are overcome with writers' block? Again, I would love to hear from you. Write on!

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In the Writers' Forum, I have realized that there are many young people who desire to pursue writing. Many young writers have a goal to publish a book at some point. I admire that. I admire how there are people out there with goals and aspirations associated with their interests.
If you go to the Writers' Forum yourselves, you would see many interesting compositions that are dramatic, sad, exciting, humorous, adventurous, and out of this world. There are many types of genres featured on that Forum. Now, I'd like to share with you one in particular. This is an excerpt from Jacob's book:
It was a crisp summerís morning and a layer of heat lounged like a tiger over Central Cambodiaís lush green forests. Nestling secretively under the tigerís paw, the sleepy town of Hien Khoy was beginning to wake. It appeared not much to look at, just three dusty streets, a market square, several dozen dishevelled houses and a canal, but it was a vibrant hub of life compared to the rainforests.

Morning subtly began to seep into the houses of the town, causing the residents to wake, and people gradually began to trickle out into the streets. Hien Khoy had a slow-paced and carefree ambience, which was probably because of illiteracy and the lack of employment and clocks. Hien Khoy had none of the hustle and bustle of the cities; it was as if time itself had been stuck together with syrup. Hien Khoy was just a small town like any other.

As you can see, this 12-year-old writer has captured the essence of a Cambodian town using magnificant metaphors and similes and vivid descriptions. My point is, no matter how old or young you are and writing is your passion, then write! It does not matter what you write about. In fact, you could just one day whip out a pad and pen and start writing whatever rolls through your mind at that moment! (Ex. Wow, this place is busy. Elephants are large. Pink is pretty. What if I just fell off this chair...)
However, what if your thoughts about writing flow a little like this. "I like writing, but I don't think I'm all that good at it. I like to read other people's writing, though." Like I said before, if you enjoy writing, if you find pleasure in writing, do not let anything hold you back. Like what my English teacher said, "It's good to keep a journal and write in it everyday." It does not matter if you don't think it's "good enough," because whatever you write will be progress. Just to write often is productive in your hobby of writing.
Hello, Readers!
If you send me your answers to the questions above, I might feature your answers on this blog, with your permission of course. You can also feel free to share your stories with me. I could add them to my blog if you want, or you can just send them to share them with me! Please send me comments and fill out the survey so I can improve this blog to include sections you want to read about.
For example, I could include short biographies of authors if you like. Like I said, just contact me on my page or through the forum. You could mention your favorite authors if you want me to highlight them or I could ask the question in the survey and you could choose what author you want to read about.
This is an effort to reach out to you readers in order to invite all writers alike to share their commonalities.

Sincerely, the author,
Greetings, Readers!
I would like to share this excerpt with you all. When I read this, I completely agreed with it.

"...if I may, I'd like to direct a few words to parents and teachers: When a child comes to you wanting to share something he or she has written or sketched, be generous with your praise. If it's a written piece, don't talk about the spelling or the penmanship; look for the creativity and applaud it. The flame of inspiration needs to be encoaraged. Put a glass around that small candle and protect it from discouragement or ridicule."

-from Mary Higgins Clark's book, Kitchen Priviliges

Sincerely, the author,
Readers! I want to offer you more quotes that may help you, but is relevant to this blog's topic. I personally found them interesting and helpful words.

I once came across this passage:
"I have a hot tip I offer people who say to me,'I know I can write. I'm sure I can write. I just don't know what to write.' I tell them to turn around and look at their bookshelves. What do they like to read? Oh sure, we are all to some degree eclectic readers, but what do we grab when we're running for a plane or train? What do we curl up with when we're tired at the end of the day and want to just lose ourselves in a book? Is it a classic, a biography, mystery/suspense, science fiction or romance? Whatever your favorite reading is may well indicate where your literary pot of gold is waiting."

-from Mary Higgins Clark's book, Kitchen Priviliges

Also, Clark used this advice to help her formulate ideas.
"'Take a true situation, one that intrigues you, that stays in your mind, ask yourself two questions, "Suppose' and "What if," and turn them into fiction.' Professor [Bill] Mowery's advice had never failed me."

-from Mary Higgins Clark's book, Kitchen Priviliges

"Read, read, read. Read everyting--trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it. Then write. If it is good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out the window."

-William Faulkner

Hope you enjoyed these words as much as I did. Write on!
Sincerely, the author,

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