Advice and Words - Story-Ch. 2

"Let's go to my room! I decorated it just for you!" I exclaimed as we burst through the door of our home.
"Wait, girls, aren't you tired. It's late." Mom yawned after us.
"Yeah, yeah, don't worry, Mom. We're going to wash up and get ready for bed."
Stacy and I giggled upstairs.
"Wow! Your room is beautiful! Don't you have to share a room with your sister? There is only one bed here."
"Nope! I'm very glad for that! We both finally have our very own rooms. You are going to be sleeping in my room, if that's ok with you."
"Are you kidding? That's just how I imagined it! I imagined that we could dress up like little kids and play roles and play crazy games. I know so many games my cousins and I have made up that I want to show you!" Stacy suddenly yawned, and then so did I.
"Alright," I said. "Well, we'll have to get started on that to-do list tomorrow because I'm half dead!"
"I'm just so happy to be here right now! Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment? I was worried we wouldn't get along. I feel like I can tell you anything even though we only met a few hours ago!"
I smiled. "I feel the same way."

After getting ready for bed, we both just dropped dead on our mattresses. We obviously weren't really dead, but as soon as our heads hit those pillows, we were deep in sleep. That was according to my mom, who had come to check on us. I used to snore, but I'm glad I stopped way before Stacy came to visit. Stacy was sleeping on an inflatable mattress we had blown up the day before.
It felt as if I had slept for two minutes that night from the time I fell asleep to the time I smelled the aroma of fresh pancakes from the kitchen. Mmmm...the odor practically lifted me out of bed and drifted me down the stairs toward its origin. Stacy was right behind me.
"Good morning, girls," Tracy said cheerily. She was sitting on a stool in a purple robe, drinking coffee.
"Oh, you two are up, I see." Mom turned around from her pancake-making on the stove.
"Yeah," I yawned. "It smells great in here!"
"You could have a seat at the table, Stacy. Oh, Sarah-honey, could you get the syrop, please? Thank you."
I hopped over to Mother with the syrop, just as she spun around, gracefully avoiding me, holding a plate of pancakes.
"Here, pancakes for everyone!" Mother beamed.
"Whoa, what's going on?" yawned a little voice from the doorway. It was Tilly. She was garbed in her blue-starred pajamas, and was rubbing one eye.
"Come and eat, honey." Mother guided my sister to a spot at the table.
After Mom's delicious breakfast, we all readied for the fun-filled day ahead.
"Hey, Sarah, let's play those new games I suggested to you."
"Oh, yeah. Let's!"
We both ran up the stairs like little kids. The next moment we found ourselves dressed up, like wacky characters sporting mismatched costumes. The video camera was set up in front of us as we danced and sang, and just had fun.
"Wow! I have not had any kind of fun like this ever!" I laughed.
"I told you it would be fun! Sometimes, even at our age, it's nice to let loose," Stacy responded.
We were spinning round and round at one point when suddenly we confronted a shocked face in the doorway. Tilly again.
"WHAT are you doing?!" she shrieked. She had seen nothing of the sort like what she beheld that moment. "Why are you two acting like me and my friends? Are you making fun of me?" She twisted her face into an accusing expression.
Stacy and I just exchanged glances and burst into another wave of laughter.
A mac and cheese lunch served as fuel as Stacy and I were just about t play a new game. Stacy had just explained to me a game made up by her cousins consisting of marbles and scores. We were walking into the living room to engage in the game, when we heard Tracy talking on the phone.
"Oh my gosh! Is everyone ok?...That's terrible!...Alright well we'll find another way home because there aren't any flights available any time soon....Ok, well thanks for informing me...Don't worry, everything's going to be ok...that's right....alright, bye now."
The noise of the phone being clashed against the stand was audible as Tracy was clearly overwhelmed and a little uncoordinated. This time, Stacy and I exchanged worried glances as we froze in mid-motion.
"Mom! Is everything alright?" Stacy and I had rushed into the kitchen.
"Uh..yes, dear. It's fine," Tracy replied as she was clutching the sides of the counter for balance.
"Mrs. Tracy, what is going on?" I half-demanded, half coaxed it out of her. I really didn't want Stacy to leave; she was the best friend I had never had. Plus, I was worried about Stacy and Tracy, too.
"Uh, I need to speak with Stacy alone." I left the room. I walked upstairs to where my mother was. I told her about Tracy's call.
"Oh, dear, I better go down and find out what it was about," she stood up and flew down the stairs before I could stop her.
"Tracy! Oh, Tracy, what happened?" Tracy had looked up from saying something to her daughter.Then she just stared at my mother. Finally her lips parted and words came out, barely.
"There...there's...there's been a robbery. The dog was slaughtered."
Gasp. My mother and I freeze up, the gasp still stained on our faces.
We all sleepwalked to bed that night. Numbed. What was going to happen? Their dog? They had a dog? Slaughtered? Why would robbers eliminate a dog? What did they take? All these questions floating in my mind. I dreamed of questions.
Morning came. Bright, blinding sunlight rained on my face. I opened my eyes.
"Stacy, don't go," I whispered.
"I don't want to go," replied a voice, full awake. I turned over in bed to see the occupant lying on the inflated mattress. "I don't want to go," repeated Stacy.
"I'm sorry about your dog," I said.
"That dog wasn't mine. My mom had taken in a stray dog. I never liked it."
Stacy sat up. "I think my mom is awake. I'll be right back."
I followed her and stopped outside the guest bedroom, where her mother slept. I stayed unseen.
"Mom?" Stacy was tentative. "Mom, when are we leaving?"
"Honey, I already told you, you don't have to leave with me. I don't want you to come. It's too dangerous. Those robbers are still circulating around our town. We don't know what their motives are, besides stealing."
I heard Stacy sigh. "Mom, I am coming with you. I want to protect our family just as much as you do." Now, Stacy was indignant.
"I already told you, Stacy, it is too dangerous." I could hear Tracy's tone rising, they way Mother's does when I am being stubborn. "Now, we are not going to speak of this anymore." I heard Stacy sigh once more, before her feet shuffled as if she were turning to leave. Swiftly, and soundlessly, I returned to my bedroom and leaped onto my bed just as Stacy entered.
With her head bowed, she said, "I'm not leaving." I wasn't sure what to say, so I just bowed my head, too.
Breakfast the next morning was awkward. I didn't know what to say at all. Stacy silently ate her cereal and milk. Mother quietly ate her oatmeal and read her magazine, glancing at the stairs ever so often. Tracy would not let Mother assist her in packing. I stared at my toast for awhile before actually touching it.
Tracy was filling her suitcase upstairs; she had nailed a flight to go home the next day. I knew Stacy would not be the same after her mother left. I've never had an experience like this before. I was never skilled in comforting my friends. Unlike my school mates, who usually were sometimes sad and weak in such circumstances, Stacy seemed tense and determined, yet worried.
Footsteps. Footsteps coming down the stairs. "Stacy, I want to tell you something," said a sullen Tracy. Stacy looked up, accusation in her eyes. Her face suddenly relaxed and they both went back upstairs.
This gave my mom and me an opportunity for discussion. "Sarah, I never got a chance to talk to you about what you think of all this. I feel like we should talk about it. I know you were really looking forward to Stacy coming over...and now this happened."
"It's ok, Mom. I think I can deal with it. Although...I think I'll need some help in consoling Stacy."
"I know, dear. Don't worry, I think I know how to handle situations like these." We both glance up as Tracy and Stacy reenter the room. They wear the same face. Tracy casts a glance my mother's way, and Mother nods in return. She was ready to leave. They both piled into the car and we watched them drive away from the front porch. My eyes wandered to stare at my friend. She stood stock still, gazing at the absence of the vehicle. I went inside to fix up some grilled cheese sandwiches. I brought two out with me back to the porch where Stacy still stood in her original position, gazing. I sat in the chair and set down Stacy's sandwich beside me as I began to eat mine silently.
"I can't believe she left me," Stacy said to the driveway. I stopped chewing. I swallowed. "I mean, she knew how much help I could be. She's never listened to me before, so why should she listen to me now?" Her voice was cracking and her eyes were glassy. I put down my sandwich and plate. My legs rose and I was next to her. My arms encircled her shoulders in an embrace. She returned the gesture and layed her head on my shoulder as her tears flooded out. How long we stood there was beyond me. The next thing I knew was that I had taken her inside, let her wash her face, and presented her with the sandwich. She ate it slowly.
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