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By Bianca
"Hey dad whats going on" I said as I walked into the living room. I saw he had his we need to talk face on."You need to meet your family.Guys come on in" he said. Then walked in eleven people. The first was blond who was to pretty to be drop dead gorgeous next to her was the ugliest man I've ever seen.i almost barfed. "this is Aphrodite and Hephaestus and I'm Zeus and this is your mom Hera" he said.Next to him stood a woman looked alot like me with full lips,dark brown eyes, dark brown straight hair,high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes except i died my hair a light pale purple. "this is Apollo,Artemis,Ares,Athena,Demeter,Hermes,Hestia and Poseidon" said the woman standing next to my father."you mean like the twelve Greek gods"I asked confused."Yes Bella your correct"said my dad and Hera."Alec you can come in now"said my dad "Zeus".Immediately a tall boy with black hair and aquamarine eyes came in staring me taking me in. Then looked me in the eyes,his eyes were full of love and pride. "I'm Alec your guard" said the charming blue eyed boy."Bella"I said."I Know"he said with a smile. "We'll all leave and let you talk"said my mom. "I'm not leaving this is my strength" said Aphrodite. My dad gave her a stern look. "Fine"she sighed and they all left except Alec and my self."So... um"I said nervously."Why are you nervous.There's no need to be.You know I am just look me deep in the eyes and you'll see"he said persuasively. So I did and he was right. "So your the guy that's in my dreams every night" i said taking a step forward. "yes" he said a smile playing on his lips. "your the guy always taking me to all those balls and proms and dates"i asked taking another step forward. "yes"he said with a small smile."So your the guy who kisses me in all my dreams". I took another step."Yes" he said smiling and took a step forward. Then we were standing in front each other. "So your the guy in my dreams that i fell in love with". "I don't know did you" he asked."yes"i said."Then I don't think you'll mind if I do this"he said. Then he touched his lips to mine softly and kissed me and i kissed back.Then we pulled back reluctantly. "I love you Bella "he said looking into my eyes." I love you too Alec"I said staring back at him. "Are you Bella? OH hello Alec" said a bitter long blond haired boy. "Yes"I said just as bitterly. "I;m Camron and this is my fiance Dolly". "Hello" said a girl who looks exactly like Camron but happy, in a small soprano. "And I'm Lelie and this is my fiance Chet" said a short pink haired girl and next to her was a boy who looked exactly like herself.That's weird i was just mad now I'm happy i thought to myself. "And I'm Eric and this is my fiance Anna" said a blue haired boy and a girl who look exactly like the boy stood next to him. Now i feel calm i thought to myself. "I'm confused" I said. "They all are" said camron. "they are the Triple Twins of Emotions each set of twins controls an emotion. Chet and Lelie control happiness. Camron and Dolly control anger. And Eric and Anna control calmness" said Alec. "Ooh now i get" I said stupidly. "But here's my question how come each of them is marrying their twin" I asked. "We don't have time to explain we must hurry.Fallow us" said Dolly in a hurry. Dolly looked at Alec worried.Then out of no where Alec picked me up in his arms and followed Dolly and Camron out the door. "Where are we going"I asked worried. "Olympus" he said with out looking at me.And then I Knew something was very very wrong."What about Emily and Nate" I asked."Don't worry they'll be all right"said Alec.Alec walked into the woods near my house then ran at an inhuman speed.Finally he stopped in front of a small cabin. The triple twins of emotions were all there. Alec put down but he didn't let go of my hand. We all walked over to the elevator. "Why is there an elevator in a one story cabin?" I asked. No one answered. Then the elevator doors opened and we piled in. "What about Nate and Emily?" I asked. "They'll be fine don't worry"said Alec reassuring. Dolly preshed number negitive 654

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