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2006-05-10 MeGaN, 12 yrs (USA)
1 HI PPL!!! I am megan the grl mentioned in the first paragraph thingy......and id like to thank my bbbbbbfffffllllll for dedicating her site to me, thats y i give this site two thumbs up!!!! and i luv anything with cole

2006-05-12 Kimberly, 9 yrs (usa)
2 hello......im 9....bye...i like the website alot too.goodbye

2006-05-12 Dana, 11 yrs (U.S.A)
3 your blog waz hot...........nice job ......but not alot of dylan so i give you A 0!!

2006-05-13 Abbie.T., 14 yrs (England)
4 Who are these sprouse twins anyway?? i have never heard of them........and there not all that cute ........well not as cute as my BF Dustin anyway.....cheerio

2006-05-14 wilma, 13 yrs (usa)
5 you got a cool site.............good work

2006-05-14 Troy, 12 yrs (Usa)
6 dear ariana you have a very nice website and i enjoyed it but i dont like the twins like you do i just like the show....bye!

2006-05-20 Tammi, 14 yrs (usa....duh)
7 thats so raven is better than suite life.

2006-05-20 andrew, 11 yrs (usa)
8 wuz up girls i am a guy and i am saying that suite life is great funy best

2006-05-26 janice, 12 yrs (usa)
9 ure web is so coooolll i give a thumbs up!!! and thanks megan for telling me bout this web.you know how much i love dylan

2006-05-31 Crystal, 14 yrs (us)
10 this site is great....

2006-06-01 kailey, 12 yrs (us)
11 this site is off the hook i love them!!!!!

2006-06-08 d_c_luva, 10 yrs (texas)
12 my parents dont let me go on these things cause im only ten...but...they think d_c stands for dog_cat_luva.....but its dilan_coal_luva....and dilon and caoal are so ****** hot1my parents never let me go on this but im actually say it this time1 dilan and coal are to freacking hot! i said it11111

2006-05-13 MeGaN, 12 yrs (usa)
13 What is your problem!! This blog is the bomb and it deserves a 10!! and im not saying that because my bff owns it!! and im not saying it because dylan and cole are in it ......well maybe i am .....but anyway....give ariana some credit she worked hard on it...... 4 u!! luv megan xoxoxoxo oh and ps....there was too enough dylan in there wat r u talking about???? o and pps ariana...u can put a little more cole in it......im just saying...lol

2006-08-08 Danielle (us)
14 Wow thats a lot of pictures.. awesome site ariana.. HI MEGAN! E-mail me

2006-11-23 Rosa, 14 yrs (USA)
15 Hey I really like this.. it's cool!!

2006-12-13 Erin, 12 yrs (nc)
16 i love dylan sprouse! he is so freakn' hott!

2007-03-15 Nicole, 13 yrs (Argentina)
17 Dylan I love you my dream is trips a Los Angeles I m not speak english sorry

2007-07-22 Jake, 14 yrs (USA)
18 Whats up i'm Jake

2007-08-13 moly, 11 yrs (texas)
19 send me some pictures i have his email it is dylans6547@yahoo.com but i lov ethe web site

2007-09-15 Antonio (USA)
20 you are great and I love your blog,and I really like your show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

2007-12-23 Sharlie, 14 yrs (USA)
21 Cole Sprouse is so hott!

2008-01-02 tala, 12 yrs (jordan)
22 its sooooooo cooll and now i know lots of things about cole and dylan sprouse i really love dem der soooooo hot nywz does ny 1 of u ppl have der emails and if u do can u plz give it 2 me and dnt lie plz thnx 4 da 1 dat did dis site

2008-01-26 Courtney, 14 yrs (Texas)
23 Dylan Spouse u r soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv you!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-02-03 Lara (World)
24 Two thumbs up! This blog totally rox. Love all the great info.

2008-03-21 Sarah (UK)
25 Dylan, u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!but im not obsessed. and this blog is cool! it has tuns of stuff bout dylan and cole and i knew some stuff but pratically all of i didnt know!!

2008-05-08 damien, 13 yrs (sc)
26 hey dylan am love your show it good it fuuuy bye

2008-07-29 Sonja, 12 yrs (Germany)
27 Hey Guys i am a big fan of you two!!! You are great!!!

2008-07-30 Carla, 15 yrs (texas)
28 u guys ROCK ur so cute, ur so hot Dyl.

2008-08-13 Susi, 12 yrs (Germany)
29 I love you!!! I am a very big fan of you two!!!!You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT Dylan

2008-11-17 Michelle, 10 yrs (United States)
30 Cole my boyfriend yor my love well bye!

2009-07-30 takera, 13 yrs (us)
31 i loveeeeeeeeeee dylan he is so hotttttttttttt oooo i love him sooooo much i jus want to kiss him sooo bad cody well cole u are cute but i love your brother

2009-07-30 boby (United States)
32 hey I love ur blog best blog here so koood i say somthin about my blog because it is the worst blog on the web so id like to do some advertiseing ok so my site is called:the bloging site.

2009-08-16 Christoph, 18 yrs (Austria)
33 Hello Dylan and Cole, I am a very big Fan of You. I am very happy when you send me a masage to my email adress. I love You, your the best actor at my live. With frindli greatings Christoph pleas written back

2009-08-28 STELLA, 12 yrs (MAKHAM)

2009-10-07 EGYPT, 8 yrs (USA)
35 i love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye...give me advice i signed up and addisoned for the play called 'bugz' they said i did a good job did i get it well gr8t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

2009-11-04 Ashland, 17 yrs (usa)
36 i am 17 but i am in love with cole sprouse

2010-02-15 katlyn , 11 yrs (IN)
37 I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much dylen.you are detter then aney acter on the swite life of zack and coad.TRIE TO TEXE ME BACK

2011-01-14 Mimi (USA)
38 Dylan Sprouse is sooooo freakin HOT, I am in love with him. How does that person from england not know who the Sprouse twins are?? I do wish there were a bit more pics of Dylan.... but it's cool, I'm only saying that cuz I like Dylan more than Cole....!

2011-03-03 amber (florida)
39 cole is cutest of the brothers he is my future boyfriend!!!! i love u cole!!! dylan, ur cute but not as cute as cole. im

2012-01-13 anamika, 14 yrs (india)
40 i love Dylan and Cole Sprouse both......... and yup u made this blog awesome.......tooo good........i love u dylan and cole.......:-*

2014-07-26 Nicole, 13 yrs (portuguese)
41 hi i love cole sprouse

2014-07-26 Nicole, 13 yrs (portuguese)
42 hi i love cole sprouse

2014-07-26 Nicole, 13 yrs (portuguese)
43 hi i love cole sprouse

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