Translating literary texts - methods and theories
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2006-01-30 marie, 13 yrs (england)
1 i like your essay, i agree with it!

2006-01-30 marie, 13 yrs (u.s)
2 i agree with you! that is a wonderful topic! you inspired me to make my own so i did. please read it!

2006-01-30 Jenn, 13 yrs (USA)
3 I think this essay diserves a 10 because I agree with the subject.

2006-01-30 Celestina, 10 yrs (Malaysia)
4 I agree with it! Your essay is cool and I like it sooooo much!!!

2006-01-30 nasya, 10 yrs (Malaysia)
5 I agree with Jenn! I give it 99 out of 100, because I don't understand some of it.

2006-01-30 hasan, 18 yrs (turkey)
6 whp is talking me!

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