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Days of Miracle And Wonder (Would You Like To Visit Finland?)
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2007-12-15 Nicole, 16 yrs (Taiwan)
1 OH MY GOD!!! Your blog is so beautiful Though Finland is very cold,but how pretty the SUN it is! And the pictures are so excellent!! I really love your blog!~~

2008-01-11 -M (Finland)
2 Thanks, I'm glad you liked. And it's nice to get a review. Soon I'll get more picture so I can update this blog. Let's see what I come up next... ^^ -M

2008-04-01 Guillaume, 20 yrs (Canada)
3 pretty nice blog here, nice pics too. and even if the info wasnt really helpful it was different, more like if you were seeing the country from inside, not simply with stats and facts !!! Great!

2008-04-02 -M (Finland)
4 Yay, many thanks! ^^ The info isn't actually meant to be helpful, but I wanted to tell something people may not know or play with prejudices. Pictures here tell the story of real Finland. -M

2008-10-18 Flavia, 15 yrs (Spain)
5 Oh! The paradise exist, and it's called Finland!

2008-10-18 Flavia, 15 yrs (Spain)
6 Oh! The paradise exist, and it's called Finland!

2008-12-31 JH, 20 yrs (Korea)
7 oh! your blog very nice. I dying to go to the Finland!

2010-03-10 Houda, 17 yrs (Canada)
8 I love Finland and I'm now learning finnish

2010-03-10 Houda, 17 yrs (Canada)
9 I love Finland and I'm now learning finnish

2011-01-01 Riikka, 14 yrs (Finland)
10 Kivoja kuvia! Toivottavasti muutkin tykkää, tosin kommenttien perusteella oot onnistunut.

2011-07-08 Teagan, 15 yrs (United States)
11 This was beautiful and informitave. Also, Im so glad the links were there, I've been looking all over for somewhere to learn Finnish. I hope I can travel there someday.

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