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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats:
When Falco grab your opponent and tilt the analog stick down.Then quickly do his down B move.If done correctly your opponent should go flying off the screen (this can only be done in close quaters and does not work with DK or Bowser).

Super Smash Bros. Melee Glitches:
When in V.S. mode face Luigi on level 9.Then pick the Mushroom Kingdom stage.When the game starts don't move at all.If you don't move Luigi should start double jumping towards you and end up blowing himself up the screen. You can use any character for this, as long as Luigi is the only person your facing, and he is in the second character box, while your are in the first character box.

Need For Speed Carbon Cheats:

Beat Darris easy in canyon duel

I beat darris easy by buyin a corvette zo6 and fully upgrading it fully i passed him the
first 20secs it will take a while to stay in front easiest to beat in the start of the
duel so if you don't stay in front at the first cliff turn restart the canyon duel.

Cops Unlockables

If you get a bounty of 100,000 and cause 1,000,000 to the state you can get cop paint and vinyls. Also this will keep all heat off of your car.

Funky Spoiler

First unlock the Ford GT Go into customization Go the "Aftermarket" select "body kit 4" (it works on all the bodies but it's most effective on "body 4"). Go to spoilers then hit "x" for the carbon fiber spoilers, find Tadem CF spoiler The spoiler will be rainbow and gray colored all the time. I've done it hundreds of times it works

More Money Cheat Rating :

If you have a Need for Speed: Most Wanted save on your memory card, you get a $10,000
bonus when you start a career in career mode.


2 destroy cross' cop car you have 2 have level 5 heat on your active car.disable 100 or more cop cars & wait until until you see a black & white corvette.You will get 100,000 bounty!

Easy pursuit escape

If you accidentally hit a car or something and you don't want a pursuit, you can either
pull over(you'll get a impound slip) or you can jump to safe house. If you here one of the police talking jump to safehouse right in the middle of the message.

Get same car after being crushed

After you're car is crushed a menu pops up & asks you to either load current alias or exit to main menu. Push A on load current alias and you have your car back. you might lose some money though.


Start with the Camaro and don`t sup it. if you only sup up your crew`s cars they will win for you. Eventually you will get $90,000

Glitches Galore!!

There are many glitches amungst the game.

1. The 1000lbs trash can- the green garbage bins, when you hit them, it's like hitting a
cop barrior.

2. The barrel role J-turn- try pulling a j-turn to get away from the cops and !BAM! your
on your roof.

Indistructible car!

If your heat leavel is 3,4,or 5, when an (SUV) goes to ram you head on, hit speed braker just before you or the SUV hit each other.

secret carlot

the code for the secret carlot is the bmw secret message(bad mate wall). I think that will
open the carlot in the bushido territory

Knowing how to fly on carbon

When going on a hard turn and you're car flips hit speed breaker and you're car will almost completly fly. You're car will never almost hit the ground except you're wheels. If you're really good you can time it perfectly and "fly" over spike strips!

Secret car lot

The secret car lot is in bushido(big territorie).

Want a faster car than a charger

Go to the car lot buy a Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren and Upgrade it fully. It's top
speed will be around 224 mph.

Boss pinkslips

Kenji - his can be the 1st or 4th and because you get 2 choices pick both.
Angie - her's is also 1 or 4
Wolf - his is the only one that is different. his is 2nd or 3rd

Fast Elise
Go to the carlot and buy the Lotus Elise. Then fully sup it up. It will be the only fast car other than the Ford GT that is easy to control.

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