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I hope it will help you with any problems you're having with your video games.
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I like to play video games. My favorite foods are sweet and sour chicken, pizza, and pasta. My favorite subject is science. When I grow up I want to be a scientist. My favorite car is the Audi R8. During my spare time I like to go hiking. My favorite movies are Avatar, Fast and Furiuos, and the Harry Potter series. My favorite singers are Ludacris, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. My favorite songs are Break your Heart, Paparazzi, Hard, Umbrella, Alejandro, and Bad Romance.

About me:
I like to play video games and always end up needing help.So I go and ask one of my friends what I should do.If they don't know I just stop playing the game.But then I found some cool websites that could help me with my problems.I thought I should help people with game ideas also.So I started joining clubs for game cheats and so on.Here are some of the websites. (this lets you create your own game!)

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