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When the base game just isn't enough:
Please note: Since MC 1.7+, mod support was practically killed off so if you want to play mods on MC, you need MC 1.6.4 version or lower.

These two are the first you should get:
Risugami's Modloader and TooManyItems

The ideal first mod for newbies:
BetterThanWolves by Flowerchild

To add a little bit of excitement:
SDK's Gun Mod

The industrial minecraft phenomenon:
The Technic Pack and their multiplayer version, Tekkit

Are you lost and haven't got any maps? Not a problem with this little mod:
Rei's Minimap

And from the makers of Tekkit comes an epic role-playing fantasy inspired version of MC:

Also from the makers of Tekkit comes an explosive new mod pack:

For would-be farmers or magicians:
Feed The Beast

Space, the final blocky frontier:

A fantasy game to rival that of Hack/Mine:

Where great adventures await you:

The ultimate RPG:
Dungeon of Heroes

PvP map for piratical fun:
Super Pirate Battle Royale

Absolute craziness but well worth a look:
The Monarch of Madness

Hard as nails action adventure:
Pumpkin Prince 2

Need something spooky? Try this great map from the almighty Hypixel!:
Herobrine's Mansion

This one is a must-download! How long can you survive in Ashien's:
Survival Island

Absolutely crazy puzzler:
The Dropper

An elagant map in the clouds:
Kingdom of the Sky

The sequel to Hypixel's epic:
Herobrine's Return

Another Hypixel instant classic:
Zombie Apocalypse

If Minecraft looks primitive then there's only one solution:

For those who like comics:
Sphax Pure BDCraft

Ideal for Star Wars fans:
Mine Wars

For a more professional look:

A simple but elagant texture pack:
Dokucraft: The Saga Continues

For plant lovers and those who prefer gardening:

The texture pack anyone can edit:
Painterly Pack

A creepy texture if ever I saw one:
The End is Extremely Nigh

A fantasy texture pack not to be missed:
A'therys Ascended

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