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Makeing perfect creations can be challenging. Consider the fact that creatures are the hardest to manufacture into cool things: Like Lego Bricks, cars and such. Makeing a lego brick building is easy! The perfect parts are all there. I even made one my self: Below.

My lego Brick House.
To make a creature object, it would not be neccesary for a mouth, this can be achieved by makeing a the smallest possible mouth you can get(Some mouths go smaller than others.) Then rotate it using the rotation handle to make it face inwards, or cover it with another part. Basic.
New Parts

You don't always have to have details from the details section. Just let me explain this a bit more. New mouths can be added by makeing a really tiny mouth, then putting a non-mouth part on top. E.G: You could make a creature with a diamond mouth. You can also make antlers with insect-like mouths, and so on.
Split tails, longer bodies, three-necks!
This can be achieved by the following: Split tails: Add a limb to the end of a tail and remove the hand, tu-dah! This trick is demenstrated in the diamond-mouth creature further up. Three necks: Or two, or howmany the complex meter allows. This is achieved by sticking how many limbs you need next to the proper neck, removing the hands, and adding mouths, eyes ECT. Longer Bodies: If you wanted to make a creature with a really long body, strech the body to it's full capability, then add limbas on either end, and remove the hands! Abra-kadarbra!


Bottum Feeder



Toon Seraphim

Hell Hound

Cookie Troll



Flying Monkey

Flying Solothy

Zombie Dragon

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