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Ultimate Mortal Kombat- DS cheats
in this game you are to enter codes to unlock fighting haracters. the Puzzle Kombat you have to do what the game says you need to do to get them. Now when entering codes, you have a time limit. you must enter the code fast and correctly. to enter codes, you push an icon and it changes the image. an example of how you enter codes is: 123651 so what i would do is press the first one 1 time, the second one, 2 times, thethird one, 3 times, the fourth one, 6 times, the fifth one, 5 times, and the sixth one, 1 time. why? its in no order. its simply the numbers were 123651. 1 is the first number so push the first icon 1 time and the fourth on says 6 push the fourth icon, six times. another ex: 5819045 you entr the first 5 times the 2nd 8 times and so on. now lets get to the codes. to unlock "Classic Sub-Zero", enter he following code: 81833 . to unlock "Ermac", enter the following code: 12344 and to unlock "Mileena", enter the following code: 2264

-this is very easy! just go to ultimate mortal kombat ds cheats and if you go to one for xbox, look at the first controller code numbers. enter those. the secnod controller is not it just the first one. -

hope i helped!

Action Replay DS
This isnt a game but something that will give you cheats for most any game on the ds but you must use it on the DS ONLY!

Action Replay DSi
the Action replay DSi, use like the normal Action Replay but this is useable on the dsi. and my brother found out this is useable on the normal ds as well. so if you have a ds or dsi OR have a ds and is GETTING a dsi, get this! this is NOT LICENSED by Nintendo!

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