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Ultimate Mortal Kombat
Ultimat Mortal Kombat is a game for the DS. it might have a 3 in it but if so its the right one. it looks like the old Mortal Kombat games and is very hard. but it is fun. i dont play it alot and i know cheats! check out the FIRST CHEAT in the Cheat section of the blog. like all Mortal Kombat games, its a fighting game. and you can choose characters. also there is Puzzle Kombat included. Puzzle Kombat looks similar to the new Mortal Kombat games which look better than the Mortal Kombat game. however, i find Puzzle Kombat BORING. you might not if you like stuff like Tetris. of course Puzzle Kombat is also fun.

NEW Super Mario Bros
Play as mario as u go through many mario levels as u always do in mario games..but here, its more 3D! but its not like 3d glasses 3d. You can play Mario vs Luigi in both ds download. also there are minigames where u can play as mario, luigi, wario, and yoshi. with a few catagories. everyone knows what it is!

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