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Naruto FB2
Naruto FB2 is an online game.This game is big and takes time to load. Its worth the wait to play though!

Play Nauto FB2 Here

Territory WAR Online
Territory WAR has 2 modes: online play and offline play. In offline play you play with a friend at home. In online play you can do so much more. One thing is you can play with anyone who is online. Another is you can select lobbys. There are many lobbys to choose from. You can choose more lobbys when you have more wins. In each lobby you can chat and even before and asyou are battleing! you might want to create a team before you do anything. In both offline and online modes you can choose a team you have made or the default team if you didnt make one. Signing up is free and requires only username and password. You can customize your teams hats! All team members have the same hat. You can name each player in your team as well. There is still more! The rest is acctually a warning. This is all great but the bad news for kids is no rules for what you type. This means cyber bullying. And bad language. The game will replace bad language with stars but unlike roblox if they use spaces or somthing that makes no stars that still spells a bad word then there is nothing you can do. Also you can turn fillers on and of. If you dont know what fillers are they are those stars that replace the bad language. I recomend this to many but you might want to think about it first.

Play Territory WAR Online Here

DDTanks is a fun shooting game. is not first petson shooter. DDTanks is also an online game. It is similler to Territory WAR Online but you have an avatar who fights instead of a team. I think the game is hard. No download is required. For more info watch a trailer or ask someone who has played DDTanks. You might like this game. This game is an online battle type game. It has no story line but it's still very fun! I recommend it.

Play DDTanks Here

Exit Path
Exit Path. a very impossible game that is a bit like portal, except you dont use a portal gun. in this game, just like portal, you excape a lab or something that looks exactly like the portal lab thingy! just like the portal game keeps promising cake, and everyone knows the cake is a lie, exit path keeps pointing arrows that say freedom. but they just leadto another level. one of the first levels, its very dary the screen flashes the bilbord has large blood letters, LIKE PROTAL! saying "There is no freedom!" witch is creepy. check out this crazy portallike gme "Exit Path" here Exit Path

Bloody Rage
Bloody Rage is an awesome 2d fighting game that has characters from many different other things such as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Blade, and more.

This game can be played at a few sites but i'm sure you can just go on Google or Bing or something and search it up. Newgrounds is one of the sites.

Bloody Rage 2
Bloody Rage 2 is similar to Bloody Rage 1, except, IN 3D! also you have to unlock the characters. also my opinoin the gameplay isn't as awesome but the game isn't as hard. Also there are more characters like the joker and the option to mix up the characters looks is still there. also theres a "Paint my Fighter" option that lets you select one of the characters then after clicking this button, you can use the tools to paint on him! This game can also be played on multiple sites like Newgrounds and

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