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Sad Story

I had this freind named Sweethotsour.But she died..ill tell you the story.
She had a mom and no dad.Sweet was 14.Her mom was liking this guy named chris.Chris is 23.As they got to know each other,He moved In.He became sweet's step dad.Sweet was very scared off him cause he would flirt with her.Sweet's mom had to go somwere for 4 month's and needed chris to watch sweet.So when she left,2 weeks later Chris had to go to a party,And made sweet go.
All was at the party was drunk,prevs,wild people ther.Sweet was scared and wanted to go home.The guys ther was drunk and chris.One guy gave her beer and shot's to make her really drunk.Then chris took her to the bed room and had with her.Sweet was screaming,But didt know what was going on cause she was drunk.The next day sweet stayed in her room crying wanting her mom to come back.But every day chris would make her have with him(rape).Sweet was pregnant.She hated chris.7 month later Sweet had the baby,She named her summer.Her mom never new what happened.The mom calls but chris tell the mom lies.Sweet had a new Neighbor named james.James was 15.She talked to him and became freinds.Sweet dose not go to school,chris dont let her.When chris saw sweet talking to james he got very jealous.He would abuse sweet for talking to him.Sweet got very mad and wanted to die or move away.So sweet started sending him emails and flirting with him.She would send emails saying can i live with you.Chris got mader and mader cause sweet never talks to him,but stay's in her room.When sweet wasent in her room chris would go on her lap top and read her emails.Then they got in a big fight about it and he beat her up.Sweet was screaming out side.But he pulled her back in and chocked her.Her nose was bleeding.Sweet got so mad and scared she ran away.Chris tryed to chase her but she went to fast.Sweet went to james house crying.James was confused and saw her bleeding beat up.He let her in.James big sister was ther looking at sweet.Sweet was telling him she need a phone.Sweet called the cops on chris.Chris went to james house first cuase thats the way she went.He had a gun and a knife.He broke in the house yelling.James older sister Alexis came runing to see who was that ,Then chris stabbed her in her chest.Alexis was 19.James and sweet was screaming.He got james and shot him.Sweet ran to james room and broke a window then jumped on the side of the house.Chris was trying to stabb her too.Then the cops came and saw them dead and chris in the house and sweet out side.They arrested chris for 22 years.Then put sweet in a froster home till her mom came back.Sweet was crying and was so mad.When she was in the froster home with 18 kids they made fun of her.Sweet was so angry she had so many thoughts on her mind.She got a knife out the kitchen and went to the bath room.A kid saw her and tryed to tell.But sweet was so scared,angry confused,She cutted her wrist.She was bleeding so bad she die.The parents came and saw sweet in a river of blood.And call the hospital.

-The End-
Based on a reall story happened 2006

I miss my freind so bad

-I can not say,and i will not say,That she is dead,She is just way.

Sweet's mom lisa

Sweets baby


James big sister aleixs


james and Sweet

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