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This blog is about Kayla

for those who dont kno me my name is Kayla... i luvv God with all of my heart<3... i cheer at SEMS the best school ever... my best friend is Tina Shores we have been through everything together nd for those who dont like her you can go to hell cuzz ur gay nd i dont like you... i'm a pretty cool person to hang around but if you get me mad i can be a bitch so dont do that... i basicly like to do everything like... dance, listen to music, cheer, go mudd-boggin, go to the gas lines , go to the huntin club, hang out with friends nd family, go to the mall, go shopping, go to the movies, go out to eat, go bowling, ride four-wheelers, go swimming in the pond, that's bout it for me but if you have any more questions you can message me on myspace or on my screen name kutiewivabootie8...<

Me nd Jessica one of my besties <3

My crazzy friend Tina& Me

Cheerleading picture 06~07


Me nd my friend jordon! <3

My little brother Jake nd Santa clause

Jake's Pre-K picture

.: Thinking of him :.

I am sooo Beautiful

Me nd my Grandma

Me nd my best friend micheal!!! <3 ya micheal!!!

Me nd Samantha
[picture not found]

Me nd my HoTt boyfriend eric!!!! i <3 yoo eric!!!!!!!! ERIC ~n~ KAYLA 4 EVA ND EVA!!!!

Yeah they look cute.. but on the other hand we weren't paying attention loL funny times!

Me nd randa!!!! i <3 yoo randa! BEST BUDS 4 LYFE!!!!

Me nd Miranda

My bestie megan doing a bac tuck off the park bench!! lol great job!!

The one and only me!

My baby puppy BULL!! aint he soo cute!!!

Do ya like it?

Me nd stella.....

Me erin nd megan bein weirdos!

Me nd caroline <3 <3
[picture not found]

All the girls! ♥

Me nd erin

Ridin in the limo ♥

Me ridin on the boat!

Me nd Joshieee!

This ones sooo my fave!!!!! i <3 it so so much !!!!!! dont u love it?

MY little pumpkin jakieeee!!!! i <3 u jake!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I really hope you enjoyed it! Plz visit my forum and guestbook and survey!!!!!!! xoxo

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