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This is my house by the beach. I'm totally rich! Sorry 2 brag, but I just wanted to show you a tour of the rich life. Here's some info. I live along the Tampa Bay coastline. I live in a 6,751-square-foot home. There's also a 55-foot boat slip where we put our large yacht.

This is my living room. I usually go in here to use my laptop while I sit on the couch and look out the window. I'll show you a picture of my laptop later. It's pink.

This is our balcony that we have our pool and hot tub on. It's really warm up there in the summer! It feels like 200 degrees, but at least we have the pool and stuff. There's a real nice view of our (private) beach. Only we can use the beach and our friends and family.

This is the kitchen. We have most of our family gatherings in here and on our balcony. We always have fruit in the fruit basket to make the kitchen look a little more normal and so we can eat it.
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