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Hakuna.Matata. ☼ Surf.Sunsets.Sand.Skate. ISSUE#1 - Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

How cool is that! I made it all up by myself for the beauty page instead of having beauty page
it's a little saying instead I thought of it and I think it's just the best one yet!
Anyways this is obviously the beauty zone so enjoy! ❤


Every girl should take care of their skin while they're young.
There are plenty of creams, lotions and oils. Natural skin is so far the best
it's beautiful and that's why boys should like you for who you are.
I know you see all these girls/models or whatever in fake tans, perfect hair do's,
skinny, and they just look like a barbie doll, they are so fake, do you seriously
want to look like that? I'm going to share some tips of how to look like a barbie doll since all girls
these days just wanna look like a tumblr chick or something so I know I shouldn't be encouraging this
but it's what you like so heres how to get a perfect tan!

The Natural Way - Go to the beach or lie down in sun in your backyard, wear sunscreen coz you will get burnt nobody likes a crusty sun burn so your legs should be slightly tanned, do this everyday and you'll have a natural tan and everybody will be so jealous, you could swipe a bit of bronzer for a pop of natural shine!

Fake Tan - There is all types Spray, creams and powders but myself, I prefer Sprays they can get streaky so heres how to have a perfect spray tan: Exfoliate and cleanse your legs also shave them for extra smoothness wait an hour or so then spray fake tan on do it in the shower or outside for less mess get an adult or friend to help with the back of your legs, you have to wait at least 3-4 hours to dry. hen it's all done it should be all perfect, If you missed a spot use foundation or bronzer to cover up and make sure if your skin is pale don't use a deep brown you'll go orange and if your skin is olive/caramel use a deep bronze you wont go orange you'll go a nice strong brown.

Boho Barbie Xo


Care tips:

1. Help them grow by putting your nails in coconut or olive oil each night they'll grow so fast before you know it guaranteed to work!

2. Rubbing nail creams helps cuticles grow and become healthy.

3. Cleaning nails once a week will make them not go yellow or feel dirty you know what I mean.

Nail Designs:

- Pastel colour and glue on some gems
- All nails same colour except for 1 nail in a different tone of same colour
- Fake nails never go out of style
- Clear nail polish and some white sparkles
- Dip-dye
- Ombre
- Marbel swirl nails
- Fluro coloured
- Glittery red
- tribal print

Galaxy nail designs go together with about anything! :D

Charcoals, Flossy pinks and Teals are so in this summer xo

Fake Lashes, never leave without them got that!

Every 3 months you should buy a new mascara and throw the old one away or you'll have clumpy lashes, ew.

More Mascara, Yes please :3

Hair Care:

- Washing your hair 1-2 times a week and doing weekly treatments will make your hair silky smooth.
- Coconut oil helps growing your hair longer
- Baby shampoo help grow your hair aswell
- Expensive hair products work best
- have dandruff wash wivv vinegar and an egg (sounds/smells gross but works)

žummer Hairstyles;; ❤
- Relaxed hair so messy hair smooth roots = tip = spray some hairspray onto a make-up brush and pat it over hair roots for a smooth fly-way :)
- Wavey hair with fresh daisies yes please!
- Braided crowns
- side plaits works best with long wispy hair braid to the side and mess it up a bit with pieces of hair sticking out maybe add hair extensions in colours < 3.
- Fish tail braids make em real messy
- Straight hair with sweet side curls just keep your fringe or bangs curled the rest straight ❤
- pretty hair clips like the ones full of lace n pearls x)
- Beach hair just spray some beach sea salt spray and scrunch your hair up
- floral scrunchies with high ponies
- messy buns or lazy side buns with pieces of hair coming out
- real fresh florals like daisies, roses, fragipanies etc...
- Feather tresses like extensions
- small braids with wooden beads an feathers
- Dip-dye, Ombre, Pastel hair
- Long straight pinned hair
- Messy long wavey-ish hair

Just keep your hair simple and fresh :) Adding shine to your tresses like some oils but not too much because you will have greasy hair just a tiny bit for your roots to be healthy and keep a deep-conditioner each week for dry thirsty hair.

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