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Hakuna.Matata. ☼ Surf.Sunsets.Sand.Skate. ISSUE#1 - Fashion Paradise

This Page will be all about Fashion for the Hot Summerr Nites :))
Go Catch a Butterfly because YOLO!❤

Summer Fashion Tips ❤

1. Pastel colours aren't just for spring you can wear them all year round with the right colours so for a fresh evening look wear mint green shorts and a lacy shirt with glossy black flats or a pale yellow floral dress with some sparkly flats.

2. Accessorize this summer with Crosses✞/big necklaces, rings and bracelets, infinity symbol ∞ pieces, spikes, skulls and cute belt bracelets.

3. If you have tanned skin wear fluro colours it helps you stand out in summer and if you have pale skin wear pastel it will look super pretty on you beautiful ones <3

4. Wear a stack of friend-ship bracelets and anklets with a plain outfit it just give the outfit a pop of colour.

5. Fringe is in so bring out those boho hippie bags, fringed bandeau bikini and you'll rock this summer just swing my hips and giggle xo

Must Haves for Summer 2013

- Rainbow tye-dye singlet
- Pastel Denim Corsets
- Denim dresses
- Homemade galaxy/dip-dye/ombre shorts
- Glossy Tangerine heels
- French lace booties ♥
- Graffiti leggings
- Silver bangles
- Cross † accessories
- fluro sunnies
- Cuff earrings with connecting chain
- Spiky jewellery
- studded denim
- summer tees
- colourful vans

My Newest Trend Obsession is Graffiti leggings

They are so cool, awesome for a day out at the skate park
for a skater gurl like me, I love them however you do not have to be a skater to wear these fun filled leggings. How would you style them? I would style them with a long grey hoodie, or long black tee shirt I would wear High-tops or converse ✪


I also Love Galaxy tights they are very popular these days! ♥

What to wear for an evening date!

- Bralettes like the stripy blue one in the pic ^
- Chiffon skirts in peachy pinks or tangerine tones
- Skinny brown leather belts, yes please.<3
- Long layered necklaces
- Cute ballet flats
- Nude lipstick.


What to wear on a §ummers Picnic Date:

- floppy beach hats
- long flowy dresses
- lace and crochet cardigan with denim shorts
- Ice-cream coloured denim
- silver sandals
- a few pastel bracelets
- diamond necklaces


What to wear for a hot starry summer night date!

- Sparkly dresses is a girls best friend <3
New Trends;; ▼

Tribal, Ombre, Dip-dye, tye-dye, feathers, dream-catchers and moree :3

Tribal shorts set the new trend!

Bandeau's are in! ❤

Tye-dye shorts! New obsession. 卐

DIY Studded shorts are so awesome! c:

Leopard print tights underneath denim jeans C:

Floral dresses never go out of fashion!❀

Floral Sweaters!! ♥
Cropped Tops = Super Swaggalicious ✌

Dip-dye Infinity singlets ∞


A cozy shirt and ripped tights with converse = perf <3.

Lace and Denim goes oh so well together ✾

Pastels! ❤

Printed shorts! ღ

So basically this is all the trends I'm into right now,
hope you have fun and maybe inspires you xox
Ok so I get so many emails and questions and this is the most popular!
How to be a fashion designer, ok so I am not famous or professional but I know lots about fashion and all the answers you been looking for! c:

- Learn to sketch like body templates, all kinds of clothes, shoes and all those drawing techniques.
- Study fashion look at websites, magazines and read everything you possibly can.
- Buy fashion books and read them.
- Learn to sew ✂, you could ask a grown up or just youtube it learn all the stitching, hand sewing techniques.
- Start off with a small project maybe dip-dye shorts or making sleep shorts or pretty tops.(:
- Do sewing/textile classes at school or find an after-school class that has sewing involved.
- Talk with friends about fashion and basically be fashion related to anything!
- Start a business
- Make a website
- Advertise it in newspapers, magazines, youtube
- Make a video of you and your designs
- Enter competitions
- Go into your favourite store and show them your designs also ask their manager if they could do something with your clothes.

You will make new friends, learn more fashion c:
Goodluck xoxo
DIY Ombre shorts

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