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My name is Danni and I live in a state called, TEXAS in the USA. I love writing snail mail to pen pals. I prefer to talk to females because men usually have romantic motives. I have a boyfriend who I live with and I go to school at a local community college in my city. My city is very beautiful and dynamic. I'm hoping to use this blog to show you pictures of where I live. The drawing above is a self-portrait I drew with prism color markers.

This is the skyline of my city. A lake runs through and around the south of downtown. On weekends, people use small canoes and kayaks to float upon the water. At night, music can be heard all through out the city along with the dazzling skyscrapers. On special occasions you can see and hear fireworks over the lake.

In downtown Austin, TX there are bars, clubs, restaurants, and concert venues. The image above is of downtown 6th street. Many bands come together to play their music. Many of the city's young people and local college students spend weekday evenings enjoying social venues such as bars, wine tastings, art exhibits, and dancing. Along the streets, you can see men on bikes pulling carts for pedestrians to ride and you can see horses carrying more pedestrians. We even have officers on horseback to watch the city and keep everything in order.

This is our state flower called, Bluebonnets. They only appear once a year around April and near Easter. They cover our fields in a blanket of blue.

Here is a picture of one of our many lake fronts.

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