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my hometown--Meizhou,Guangdong Province
HELLO,everyone!! here is a story in my homwtown--Meizhou, Guangdong Province,China. It may look like a countryside, but there are many many stories in my childhood.Would you like to see???

a beautiful decoration on the roof

my mom said,after her school she always played with my uncle here when they were a child.

here,I remeber that my mom and uncle told me,they always played pingpong with grandpa when they lived here.but I don't know whether it is still here or not,because the government wanted to remove it.


Dao Xian Chen,where my mom and uncle lived in when they were a child.
<--My uncle said,"It means 'arrived at this city'"
<--haha,so insteresting!!
<--This is Chinese words meaning,different words have the same pronunciation

Da Fu Di(as you know,Chinese people from the left to right to see in the ancient times),here had a "Da Fu" (it was a officer at the government )in ancient times.

Wai Han Di,likes "Da Fu Di",they had a officer called "Wai Han" at government long long ago.

As far as I remember,my grandpa had many pet,such as rabbits,pigeons.I love my grandparents very much,I know they lived in a not very peace time.Now,I think my mom and my uncle will give my grandma a great life.And I think my grandpa lives in heaven happily.They are kind,the god will bless them....

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