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- Religions in Japan -
Most Japanese are both Shintoists and Buddists.
Christians and followers of other religions are in the minority.
Many of us think that we are not religious. (it's also tolerant of religion in a good meaning)
However, religious things have been incorporated into the ordinary customs and practices of our lives.
They have become a part of "Japanese life".

Shintoism - Shinto is the native religion of Japan originating from primitive ancestor and nature worship.
It has no Bible or Sutra. Its deities are the personifications of natural phenomena or objects as well as mythological heroes.
Often "Tanuki" as magical animals are worshiped in my region.
"Tanuki" are raccoon dogs, native to Japan.
They have been part of Japanese mythology since ancient times.
Tanuki statues are seen in many places as good luck charm for bringing in prosperity.

We worship the old big tree.

Pilgrimage to Buddhist holy places for salvation.
The oldest and most well known route was laid out on Shikoku (I live in) consisting of 88 holy places.
(at Yashima temple, the 84th of 88)

ShichiFukuJin (Seven Lucky Gods)
Many Japanese "gods" were transmitted from India to China, and from China to Japan, including these seven (shichi) gods.
Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants.
Daikokuten, god of wealth, commerce and trade.
Fukurokuju, god of happiness, wealth and longevity.
Benzaiten, goddess of knowledge, art and beauty.
Bishamonten, god of warriors.
Juroujin, god of longevity.
Hotei, god of abundance and good health.

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