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traditional culture of China,in fact,it including many things,such as Chinese tea,Confucius,and the Yin-Yang School, Four Arts,Traditional festival and so on,so we can say,Chinese culture is intersting and it has a long history,as we know,it is about 5000 years,and I will tell you about Chinese tea,tea ceremony was invented by Chinese people,it has 5 feet,make tea,watch tea,smell tea,drink tea,set friendship(or called "qi cha","shang cha","wen cha","he cha","jian li you yi"),and Its meaning is "the sky and people has the same body","love yourself","love life","forget other things",and in Chinese,it is "dao fa zi ran",a kind of living way,may be forigeners will not understand,but in China,it is a kind of philosophy.

as we know,Chinese people invented paper,so we have a kind of art,Chinese paper cut.forigen people think that is a kind of paper flower,its shape can be a house,a ship,a place,even people...and they are not copying the real things,it includes many meaning,but it is also beautiful,and it is often in spring festival,it means "luck",so it is made of red paper,it is including "Fu Jian Paper Cut","Fu Shan Paper Cut","Pu Tian Paper Cut".And it also has "Yang Zhou Paper Cut","Wei Xian Paper Cut","Shan Xi Paper Cut","shan Dong Paper Cut",and so on.

and every culture has its own art,in China,the most famous is traditional Chinese realistic is often about flowers,birds,houses,places,and hills,it is only in Chinese Art Paper or handkerchief,and it has its own way to draw,Painting in the long history of development, has established a set of strict technique system, to form a unique style of painting body appearance, its characteristics are as follows: by line shape is characteristic of Chinese painting techniques, and also the foundation and backbone of meticulous painting. Painting on the line requirement is neat, delicate, precise center pen more generally. In a solid colored, usually bright color, cool, bright, elegant, with a unified tone, with strong Chinese national colour aesthetic interest.and now,a painting can cost even 5,000,000.and if you see the painting,image:a man drew a picture in a cool

and handwriting is a kind of special art in China,if you write English,you will not feel like that,a people use a pen,write beautiful words,and many people want to own it."a poem with no words,a song with no voice",some people said that,I agree with him,handwriting is the simple of Chinese culture.Calligraphy inscriptions and our work and life has become closely linked, with its unique artistic value and charm of personality, to meet the needs of the society and social needs, best wishes, display characteristics, self promotion, fighting such as shopping malls and wind or waves plays a positive and special effects, most incisive!

sodkli is special,it is very "tidy",Couplet is also called, duality, doors, spring stickers, couplets, subsidiary, Taofu, couplets (named for the ancient more Ying Chu hung on the floor of the hall of the temple of the house), is a kind of dual literature, originated in the Tao fu. The dual statement is written on paper, cloth or carved in bamboo, wood, on the post. Concise and comprehensive, antithesis neat, tonal harmony, the same words, the same structure, is a unique form of art Chinese language. Legend has it that in the five generation of couplet Shu after the Lord Meng Chang (CH million ng), it is a treasure of the Han nationality traditional culture, the Spring Festival couplets called couplets hung, mourning couplets called elegiac couplet, wedding couplets called qinglian. Couplet is a national style of writing Chinese characters features use, does not require general (poetry rhyme in the dual sentence need rhyme). Couplet can be broadly divided into poems and couplets.

Refers to the Chinese take the national natural form creation, use the national inherent method, with the national inherent morphologic characteristics of music, including not only produce, spread so far in history of ancient works, also includes contemporary works. Visible, including traditional music "music" but not "new music", but they are "China music".Chinese music Divided into five categories: songs, dance music, rap music and instrumental music, drama, but most of the colleges to dance music into the folk songs in the teaching, and then into four categories: folk songs, folk instrumental music, folk art (i.e. "rap") music, opera music.

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