The Dogs Of the World

This dog is the most espensive dog in the world.
The price of this dog is 1,000,000 $

This dog is the most beautiful of the world.
Itīs name is Boo

Itīs name is Little Meysi, is a polka terrier that weighs 250 grams and measures 7 centimeters.
The size is the same one as a hamster.

Itīs name is Zeus, itīs live in United States of America , in Michigan. and weighs more than 70 kilos. It measures 112 centimeters in foot height.
It eats 14 kilos diary.

It īs Name is Mugly, is a Chinese Crested. And it is the uglyest dog in the world.

Itīs Name is Paths and has the weight of a small 8 year old and is in danger of death. Weighing 28 kilos

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