The Puppy


2 sisters and 1 brother


baby seal

brothers and sisters

Puppy isn't he cute he's like my good friend

(1) What's a baby's motto?
(2)which detective takes bubble baths?
(3) What did one toe say to the other toe?
(4) I don't have lungs or a chest but i need air. I am not alive but i grow i don't have a mouth and i'm allergic 2 h2O what am i?
(5)I run but i never walk i have a bed but i never lie i have a mouth but i never talk what am i?

(1) if you don't succeed cry cry again (2)Sherlock foams (3)Don't look now but there are a couple of heels following us! (4)FIRE (5)A RIVER

cute right?


(1) twilight
(1) I'm not your boy friend baby
(2)Don't trust me
(3)star struck

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