Incredible Things :)

hi ppl! this is my blog..well oviously...anyway i hope u like it!!!cya!
ok well heres a bit about me.. right over there ------------------->
birthday month:December
favorite color:red
favorite actor/actress:johnny depp!!!!!!!
favorite animal:ellyphant (fine..elephant)
ok well i bet youre bored of learning about me already so..................
ok well heres the deal. im gonna show you som FASCINATING animal pics! k? k...

dont mess wit dis kitty!

ohhhhhhhhhhh! cute huh?

This ladies and germs is the rare and specatcular KING CHEETAH!

and this is Jane Goodal's version of the scream!

I dont think the kitty's enjoying this...


well thats enuff fun for now... atleast with the animals, annyway here are som funny jokes
ps:dont blame me if their cheesey...
ok so this is supposed to b a blonde joke but it might hurt those blondes out theres feeling so im gonna call it a dumb person joke ps: i hav a blonde boy in my class...HES A GENIOUS! like legally blonde!
I knew a person who was so dumb:
she put lipstick on her face because she wanted to make up her mind
she tripped on a cordless phone
she tried to drown a fish
she got locked in a grocery store and died of starvation
she spent 20 minutes staring at a orange juice carton because it said "concentrate"
she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order
she studied for a blood test
she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept

lol :)
wuts the difference between a fly and a bird?

a bird can fly but a fly cant bird.

Hey is it your b-day??? if it is b sure to write me in the forum! i check it weekly and ill post your name so EVERYONE will know that its your "special day", or atleast people who actually look at my blog..... :D

hey.... do u hav a joke? if u do plz write it in my guest book or on the forum or u can e-mail me! ill try to post all of them! in fact I think i will post all of them... but plz remember... they must be appropriate.. and funny :)

Can you escape this maze of trickiness......hope so......Good Luck.......

Good luck with your journey friend..........mwahahahaha!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1. Which one is the real deal??
Well you know wut.. im not very good at finding mind tricking things... so instead im gonna show u some INCREDIBLE pics......... i promise that i will get bak to the mind trickers but i just NEED to show you these awesome pics.. so anyway here they are....... :)

Anyone for shark soup??

Kewl huh?
These pics hav to ways two them... try to find both

did u like those?? i hope u did. well anyway, if u want me to post more of those things just email me, write in the guest book, or on the forum and if i read that u like them i will definetly post som more. Cuz theres alot more where that came from!
ok so now i feel like showing u a bunch of cute animations, or atleast i think theyre cute. anyway, here they are!!

HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!! it was my daddy's bday on April 4!!! yay!!!

Hi ppl! wutz up? well im srry that i havent been on in a while but ill try to get better at this. I really will... sorta :) So anyway im starting the worlds cutest pet contest and if you wanna join all u hav to do is e-mail me a pic of any pet, it doesnt even have to be yours, it can be from google or wutever, and then ill post it. Or u can just vote for one in the forum. The top 3 ppl that win most of the votes get their names posted and u can also pik the themes of the new contests! well hope u all join!

Well While I Wait For All You Ppl To Actually Join My Contest I Will Be Posting Cool Pics. So Yea.

CUTE ANIMATIONS! ------------------------------->

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