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Welcome to the Jack Russell website my name is Hugh you can find out more about me by visiting my blog, just click this link to get there:Hugh's Blog . Here in this website Jack Russell owners can submit a paragraph in the forum at the top of this page (their is abutton to get to it) about their own jack Russell/s and it will be published on this page. I will include other pages like joke pages and gallery pages, if you want to submit a joke then again submit it in the forum and it will be published. I will visit this website once a week and your messages about your Jack Russell/s and Jokes will be published also right here on this page.

So I will start this page off with introducing my own Jack Russell cross Beshion Frise called Lily, There is a photo above of her. She is really more Jack Russell, her mum was a Beshion frise and her dad was a Jack Russell. I got Lily when I was 8, she came as a surprise to me. I did not know it but my Mum and Dad had bought Lily off "trade me" and the owners turned up at our house one day to drop her off although because I did not know any of this I opend the door to find a tiny Jack Russell puppy running towards me with her tail going ten to the dosen. I was over joyed to find out that she was mine as I had been wanting a dog for ages. Then from that day onwards she became one of my best freinds and still is. She is now coming up to 3 and 21 in dog years, she is energetic and sleeps when she wants to. She is a favourite in my family and with out her we would be boring, she loves toys and she has a cuddly toy Octapus that squeaks and makes groaning noises when she bites it. She is my best freind!
If you want jokes published here please submit them in the forum at the top left hand corner of this page (there is a button to get there) I will publish them as soon as possible.

Here are some Jack Russell jokes:

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