shadows in the water - Lily Story

Lily be found and brought home to a good home

I was looking on oodle and I found a cute fat puppy in the backround it was a garage!So I begged my mom and said I would pay for it ! She finnaly gave in and suddenly we were on the road going to see the mom , grandma , and the future lily . We arrived happy it was raining hard ! An hour before we got lily a crate , bed ,chewy toys, and toys . We walked into a home in Maimi . It was very nice . Know I going to describe the 2 other dogs and the owners . This will tell us if they did it by common sense . Okay the conditions their was blankets in a pool for the dogs
She was skinny and had old bruises . The owners said that she was like this before . The reason I did not call the cops is when i got home she was scared of my tall brother but not scared of the girls . Once we got to the vet she explained that a tall male was probally the one who give her these bruises and she was so skinny she devopled from malnourishment and she had worms that ate body so that needed madication ! This puppy is a lot of work but she is a loving and a very fun dog to have . I suggest that instead of getting puppy at a pet store get one at a shelter . You could donate money or toys . I suggest toys because you know they are giving them to the dogs .

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shadows in the water - Lily Story (Animals)    -    Author : tori - USA

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