shadows in the water - Our war dogs

Our war dogs

Dogs are our savior that love to work and because of this they are the best military dogs, police dogs , search dogs , and bomb detecting dogs.Dogs like the German shepherd had been used to help Germany ,U.S.A , and other countries in battle. Some of the most famous wars that used dogs are World War I and World War II .
In World War I on the Germany side alone were 30,000 dogs and 6,000 of the dogs that were present in the war were trained !The dogs were used to deliver messages between soldiers and their family , they also carried ammunition to soldiers, and they carred medical supplies to the people who needed it .Thousands of dogs and soldiers died that day and after the war it did not get better for Germany because the families and dogs were starving many the population of the dogs like the German Shepherd decrease .Many countries including Germany , U.S.A , England , and other many Eurapeon countries were working together to restore the breed .
In World War II the U.S.A worked with dogs but their dogs were not very well trained . For Germany on the other hand had 200,000 dog that were ready to help them win a war .The dogs did basically what they did in World War I Again sadly on both side many dogs and humans past away trying to help their country!
As the years went by our dogs got into groups like the K-9 unit and the search and recue along with bomb detection and other groups . For the K-9 unit the dogs are trained to be able to catch crimanals , search for llegal drugs , searching buildings , and other things that humans cant do . These dogs save peoples life and also put bad people in jail making it a better zone for many people . The U.S.A was founded on justice and that what the K-9 unit brings to the table .
For the search and rescue dogs they need to have good noses , strong drive, stamina , intelligence , and be able to learn things quickly . Something that all search dogs need to learn is being able to sniff out people and other things that might be hidden under debris and being able to detect something that is in the enviorment against something like a human that has been buried by debris from an earthquake . Some of these terrific breeds are German Shepherd , Labs, Belgian Malinors , and Golden Retriever .

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