shadows in the water - cody

The Cody Memorial
Dogs are family and one great dog made an impact of me and my family , he was are best friend .Cody had a pride that most dogs don't have . Cody and my family went on a trip every spring in the woods he used to love it ! One day Cody wanted by brother's bagel so he growled and got what he wanted .He also sacked the alpha out of my other dog and she is know the most wonderful dog in the world !Coy is the dog that makes an impact on many people and dogs!
One day my grandpa picked me up from school ! I was confused my mom told me she would pick me up but I did not want to disobey my grandpa or my mother decision . My grandpa and I talked about my birthday wich was 2 days away .We pulled into the driveway I ate a snack and started my homework. After doing my homework the phone rang .It was my mother she said to put grandpa on the phone. Grandpa said we are going to meet your parents at the vet. I did not know that mil dog had died .When I drove up I saw my family crying . My mom explained that Cody got hit by a car and Cody was to old to get surgery to make it through so he had to be put down. The vet let us say goodbye but those were the hardest goodbye in the world to say good bye to the best friend.
Cody 1996-2008

You never know what you have in till you lose it ! I am sorry for any loses of a dog or another pet or even a human . Its hard but you'll get through it just think of it like they lived their dash meaning they live their life to the fullest.

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