shadows in the water - Boxer

Boxers might not be a smart breed but surely is a alert ,loyal , and friendly.They are great friends they want to be with you no matter what .For example ,when you want to take a nap they will to and if you want to walk they would want to walk . These dogs are very good with babies and are very patient but they do have a problem with knocking over the baby so the baby should not be left in the room with this dog .They are also great with other animals like cats and guinea pigs .He needs activities for him to do or he will find other ways to entertain like chewing on furniture.This is a perfect guard dog and should not be left outside.This dog is not that good or that bad at training .He learn new commands on a normal speed.THese dogs are average shedder and the require a occasional brushing.These dogs live to be about 11 to 14 years of age.If you are looking to breed their average litter size is 2-10 pups. This dogs origin was in german. These dogs ancestors were 2 mastiffs called the Bullenbeiszwe and the Barenbeiszer than they were breeded with the bulldog and created the boxer. The early boxers were used in dog fighting ,bull baiting.cart pulling,cattle dogs,to round up livestock and hunt boar and bison.Many boxers are used today to help cops ,searchers, and the military.Their is 2 types of boxers the German Boxer and American Boxer . The group is the Mastiff.

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shadows in the water - Boxer (Animals)    -    Author : tori - USA

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