shadows in the water - Poems


“The puppy “

Accept that you cant go to the bathroom in the house .
Expect when their hurricane stirring about .
Accept that we will push you to swim .
Except when you sneeze or shiver
Accept that we owners are in charge
Except if we become evil
Accept that we won’t give you back .
Except if we can’t give you what you need

“The dog”

The animal is a dog
This dog likes to lay in the sun
Except when something fun is going on
This dog loves to run .
Accept that this dog dum to fun .

“The Swim”

Roof ! Roof !

I am out of the house

I love to swim in the pool

I am finally out and able to rule the pool

So don’t get in my way

Or you should run as fast as you can away

“The dig”

I am Dug
I love to dig
I dig in the rug
I dig in the tub
At the end of the day I curl up in a smug hole

“The Beach”

At the beginning I am on a leash
When I get to the beach
I go crazy for the waves
The sensitive of the wave smackinig down
At the end I am back on the leash

The story of diva

Once upon a time their was a dog named Diva she loved to swim . She love to go in and get her excerise . She barks her stress away but she also get attension because people thinks she drowning . No worries she not . That is my crazy dog .

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