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Hi and welcome to the Coolest Horse and pony blog on the world wide web!!! Here you will find anything you want from horsey tips to fun pony games please take a look around and come and visit anytime.:) stay Happy y'all!!!

here are some pictures of the horses at sunnybrae riding and pony club :)

hi again!
and again!
and again..again!
Hello every body my name is Charlie and I am Tania's Bestie...I know nothing about horses othere than they scare the s*** outa me...She probly doesn't want me on here typing f****d crap but here I am!! OK Tania should know what she is talkin about cos shes constantly saying it lol N 3 ways im gonna go B 4 i fill the whole blog up with s***...WWWEEEE!!!! byE...luv ya gurrl
im bored!! but isn't he hott MCR rox!

how bout 1 more 4 all you emo boi hearters out there
Here are some horse and pony facts.

the oldest thoroughbred race horse recorded was Tango Duke.foaled in 1934 he died on january 25 1978 at the age of 42

The oldest horse to win a race was 18 year old revenge who won at shrewsbury,England in 1790

The fastest horse recorded was big racket, who reached an amazing 43.26mph in a quarter of a mile race in mexico city on febuary 1945.

When clipping a horses coat the first clip is usually done in october and the last clip should not be any later than the last week in january. clipping after this time will affect the spring coat growing through

When a horse or pony looses a shoe it is sometimes said to have 'thrown a shoe'

Old Horses will often grow white hairs around the face and theire muzzle

Horses hooves grow approximately 0.25 in (6mm)a month and take nearly a year to grow from coronet band to the ground.

In the state of Arizona it is illegal for cowboys to walk through a hotel lobby wearing their spurs lol!!

Feeding garlic is believed to help combat some worms,repel flies,aid respiratory disorders,and have a cleansing effect on the blood. There is,however,no scientific evidence to prove this, and it does produce halitosis.

Horses with lop ears are often said to have a kind temperament but beware of the exception to the rule!.

'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!'lol its true

'Ride a cool horse to banbury cross to see a fine lady upon a white horse with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes she shall have music wherever she goes
lol this is funny nursery rhymes are HARDCORE LOL...
'Green' is a term used in referance to a young inexperienced horse and has nothing to do with its colour.
A horses appetite should be approximately equivalent to two and a half times of its body weight.
Horses like hey!

..yAy >>>

What do you do if a horse rears on you

a)leave the Horse and let it cool down for a while

b)move away and try to calm the horse down

c)start screaming and jumping around.

What are thoroughbred horses usually used for?

a)pony club


c)cart work

Where do Horses originate from?

What is a horses height measured in?

a)cm (centermetres)


Can you get a strawberry type coloured horse?

a)I dont know


What is the tallest height of a horse ....




Mostly "A

quite good Answers but not the best all i can say is keep learning about horses and ponies and then come and try the quiz again ...kEeEeEp...SmIlInG...:)

Mostly "b


you sound like someone who know a lot about horses you answered the questions perfectly Keep up the Good work and ...KeEp..SmIlInG...

GoOd...TrY... WhY NoT HaVe aNoThEr gO.... KEEP SMILING

Hey SOTWers this is Charlie again and this is my little box!...YAY!!! if you look up but not far up you will see my bf...yea right!!! he is hott tho!! nah! thats a photo i found on the net!! i guess i can talk bout myself, hey? well im 12 and I love Green Day and MCR and P!ATD and all theese other bands that play similar...and metal moosik!! Yes, I am emo 4 all those ppl who question everything lol im freakin myself out haha!! if you ever go onto the chat room im Charlie72 if you wanna talk to me...and add me if you have msn - well cyaz all l8er i guess or maybe not i don't know!! cya agian!

P.S. Hi Tania fanx 4 lettin me play wiv your blog i hope you don't mind the changes i made!

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