Guinea pigs and manatees

Guinea pigs Rock!

And so do Manatees!
Guinea pigs are related to Cavies. Not Pigs!!
Manatees are nicknamed Sea Cows!!

There's a old saying that if you hold a guinea pig up by the tail it's eyes will pop out. That of course is impossible. You wouldn't be able to do it anyways. They don't even have a tail. Some people think that guinea pigs are related to pigs. They are not. the only thing they have in common is that the males and females are called boars and sows.

Guinea pigs belong to the rodent family. Rodents have front teeth that constantly grow so they have to knaw on different things to keep them short. They also are self sharpening so keep your hands away from their mouth!
I have a guinea pig named Tucker. He's really cute! He's a crested guinea pig coloreed caramel with a white crest on it's head. This is what he looks like!

Isn't he adorable?!!?!?!!?
Guinea pigs are related to cavies. Cavies look exactly like guinea pigs except larger! some people say they have a cavy but it's just a guinea pig.

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