There are many types of cats, but the Persian cat and the Siam cat are the most popular. There are many differences between Persian cats and Siam cats, but the most evident difference that we can see, is the hair, as the Persian cats have got very long hair and the Persian cats have got short hair. Although there are others differences, this is the biggest.

Persian Cats
The Persian cat is one of the most beautiful cats. They are very quiet and cosy.
The persian is one of the most widely recognised and popular breeds in the world - and one of the oldest. As their name suggests, Persians originate from the country that was once Persia, now Iran, in the Middle East.
The cats were introduced into Europe by the Phoenicians and Romans in the 1500s as highly valued items of trade. The Europeans were impressed by the Persian.s long silky coat and purposefully bred the cats to perpetuate the trait. By the 1900s the cats were being exported to the United States and since then their popularity has spread throughout the world.

The Persian is the most popular breed among the long-haired cats; others include Birman, Turkish Van, Ragdoll, Mayne Coon, Norvegian Forest Cat and the Exotic (short hair version of the Persian).

In Australia today, while Persians are still out-numbered by the short-haired breeds, they continue to be popular as both a family pet and for showing purposes.

The Persian is a medium to large cat with heavy bones and excellent balance from section to section.

Siameses Cats
Siamese have fascinated folks around the world since they were first officially exported from Thailand, or as it was known then Siam, in the late eighteen hundreds. Their sleek lines, striking color contrast, finely chiseled aristocratic heads, deep blue almond eyes, and short silky coats make them living art. Combine this beauty with acute intelligence, inquisitive personality and a loving nature and you have the essence of the Siamese cat.

The first Siamese to appear in England were a gift from Siam to an ambassador who brought them home. They began appearing in English cat shows almost immediately, and in American shows by the early twentieth century.

Seal points, still the best known variety, were the first to arrive. With their seal brown, almost black extremities and their pale fawn bodies, they were sensational. While chocolate points, with creamy white bodies and milk chocolate legs, tail, mask and ears did appear from time to time, it was the blue point that gained official recognition in 1934. The blue point has a bluish-white body with slate blue points. The chocolate point was recognized next. In 1955 the lilac point followed and completed the breed. The lilac point has pinkish gray points with a white body which makes it most ethereal and delicate in color.

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