Hello fellow Shifters and Different people!! My name is Rhetta and I am a teen wolf Shifter. Feel free to leave a comment about your Difference. This blog will be about me and my friends and will have information about different Specials. Please enjoy!! :)

Our noble pack is the Nobilis Pack!


We are people who can transform at will into our one animal form through meditations and dreams. We are not the same thing as were-creatures as many people think. Therians, or therianthopes, have the soul of an animal instead of a human. We can shift through mental shifts (m-shift), which our minds think like animals, and phantom shifts (ph-shift) where we can feel and/or see our animal parts on our human bodies.


Were-animals are Shifters who are forced to change on the full moon. They can still change whenever they please, and it is the same method of transformation as therians. Were-animals can be distinguished by their almost human body structure. Most often there are only were-canines and were-felines. Were-bears and were-hyenas are the second most common were-animals. Other were-creatures at extremely rare. Were-creatures are also called lycanthropes, or lycans for short.

Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are too Dark to be angels, but too Light to be demons. Their wings tell how much Light or Dark is in them. If their wings are black, they are more Dark then Light. If their wings are gray, they are more Light then Dark. Fallen angels are commonly the offspring of a demon and an angel, but they can be born to humans or any other Different person such as a were-creature, therian, faery, ect. The same as therians and Otherkin, they need to meditate or dream to reach their spiritual form.


Demons are beings who control Dark (or Black) magic. They have long gray leathery bat wings for flight. Sometimes they have small horns. Demons are not always bad-spirited, some may be kind and caring. They usually have grayish or pale skin and glowing eyes. Otherkin demons (humans with the spirit of a demon) meditate and dream to reach their demon form.

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