Protecting Tanzania's Wildlife!!!

Hi my name is Silke, I am twelve years old and I live in Dar es Salaam Tanzania (Africa)
We have many beautiful and interesting forms of wildlife in Tanzania as well as an abundant variety of marinelife. We are fortunate enough to have the Serengeti Game Park, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Island and many other places right on our doorstep. There is nothing more exiting and beautifull than viewing these wild creatures in there natural enviroment.

My aim in life is to ensure that these natural enviroments remain unspoiled and that the animals that habitat these enviroments will always be there for us and our children to enjoy and admire. I will update this website regularly with different wildlife and marine photos for you to admire.

With your help we can ensure that this beautifull area remains unspoiled. Please ask your friends and family to visit my website and see what diffrence YOU can make.

Please Don't Forget Us!!

As the King I expect mankind to respect my kingdom and all its subjects.

First Goal:

To stop people from dynamite fishing through education. Dynamite fishing is a form of fishing whereby the fishermen use dynamite to explode and kill any marinelife in close proximatey to the explosion and then pick out only the fish they can use. Leaving an eco disaster behind them.

I am sure that if one explained to these dynamite fishermen the harm this form of fishing was causing the delicate marine ecosystem and the consequences, it could be stopped.

Second Goal:

To stop poaching.
Poaching is when people illegally enter protected Game Parks, and hunt the animals, usually by very cruel means.

Third Goal:

To make people aware of how precious our enviroment is.

Please help.
I am fedup with animal abuse.
Visit Silke's guest book and show your support by leaving a message.

Here are some pictures from the Serengeti Game Park in Tanzania and some other cool animals found in Tanzania and some other places in Africa.
As well as some beatiful enviromental pictures!!
You can set them as your wallpaper by right clicking on the picture and press set as background.

Whant to see the updated version of this website?
Then go to and there you will find games, a quiz, infomation on animals, the serengeti and many many more.

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