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American pit bull terrier
These pit bulls love to please . These dogs have no will to hurt people but they do not do well with other dogs ! If they are properly socialized but with a firm calm confident leader they wont even be aggresive with other animal. These dog is loyal and loving dogs they are great family pets .NOT RECOMMMENDED FOR MOST PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY NEED SPECIAL TRAINING TO BE GOOD DOGS .If you have a tiny amount training , a proper amount of excerise and a firm pack leader . They height is about 18 -22 inches and weighs about 22 -110 pounds . If excerised they can live in apartments . They pefer warmer climites . They live to about 12 years .They are average shedder and need a little bit of grooming and bathing . Their group is Terrier .
These dogs are band in the city of Denver unless it is a service pitbull they are not allowed in city limits or they will be killed !This law has killed many pit-bulls and it is really sad that a city would have to stoop that low just to feel safe when their is no threat at all except the rumors. Please email me if you disagree please email me !

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