Dragon Orchid - brave dogs

The heoric dogs that are in today 's 20th century .

Brutis a seven year old golden saved a young child by snatching a coral snake just in the nick of time . He almost died with a deadly snake bite . He got an award for the dogs bravery .
is a small dog that saved one year old from a rattle snake . She still has a scare from that day .
The huricane it the dogs area . This dog saved a man from drowning . They were both later rescued . She got her award for her bravery .
She is a half wolf and half husky saved the ederly from a snow storm . She found the couple and dug them out and helped them get back home .

Maya is one tuff cooky . She saved her human from a male attaker . This dog is a human .

She is a five year old german sheperd saved them by taking a bullet from an intruder . She first got the gun man attension the gun man shot the dog and ran .

Was an only help to person man who was in a deadly car accident . The dog was only 5 months at the time . She got an attenion of a man a half a mile away . She saved the mans life .
Helped her owner by dragging her to a new by ditch when her car blew up.
This dog scared an alligater off when his owner fell down when walking .
When a boat upside down Patty saved a person life by letting them get hold of their tail and then brought him to the nearest land .
When armed Pusuerers came on board him jumped to action and started attacking them . One of them fought back shooting and stabbing the dog . The dog got nursed back to health .

Golden Retrievier
They are hunter dogs .These dogs need a lot of excerise. These dogs are one of the best . They are lovely to other dogs and children. They are 55-75 pounds.These dogs are devoted to their owners. They are very good hunting dogs .One of these dogs are Ricochet this dog has performed great deed . She is 2 years old and have raised over 50 ,000 dollors for different causes . This is some of her deeds :

A quadriplegic boy's physical therapy, and service dog (an additional three years of therapy was paid for by one of her sponsors as well)
A toy drive that resulted in $3550 in donations, which purchased toys for 638 children in hospitals and women's shelters

$5000 wheelchair donated to woman with spina bifida
$11,000 therapy pool donated to 2 year old girl who was born brain dead
$1895 donated to several adaptive surfing organizations that take disabled surfers out surfing
$1239 raised for canine cancer
$3035 raised for an animal shelter fundraiser & she was the top
This is from a website dedicated to the pooch .

For more information go to :

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