Dragon Orchid - Dragon's 2nd Entry

Hey people this is Molly. Today I'm going to delve further into the intracacies of dragons. Enough of the serious stuff onward. Last segment I talked about the ways dragons can kill you. I found some more information so I'll give you the gist of it. This information was brought to you by The Dragon Hunter's Handbook. Before you try to kill one (if you ever try I will hunt you down) it says to reflect on what you are doing. Why you ask, because dragon's are indestructible, and if you are going to try you were brought up wrong! Further more here are the facts.
One the scales: they cannot be pierced by any earthly material, but according to this it is possible to pierce the lightly colored scales within the armpits.
Second the teeth: they're probably the last thing you see, but you can pierce the inner recesses of the mouth, oh and I almost forgot the teeth may be poisoned so if you are going to try, avoid the teeth.
Third the talons: they're incredibly sharp, think about it this way, sixteen razor sharp claws that also may or may not be poisonious.
I know it's getting long, but bear with me this could be helpful info.
Fourth the tail: this is basically the scariest part. Okay you're fighting a dragon and while hiding from the teeth the tail comes up behind you and either flicks you around, squeezes you 'til you pop, impales you on the spikes, or stabs you with a poisonious spike. See what I mean scary, very scary.
The final piece, I promise, is the fire. In the stomach there are twin sacs, these sacs are what make the fire. There is a chemical in one that combusts instantly with air, and to make matters better the other sac is filled with air. But interestingly enough if the dragon wants to eat you it won't cook you, because they apparently detest the taste of cooked meat.
As promised that was it. So remember those 5 things. Also remember that if you ever try to kill a dragon I will find you. See you next segment dragon orchid out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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