Dragon Orchid - Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog
Hi this is Tori molly's partner with her permission. Today we are going to talk about a dog named the Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs are loyal and are herding dogs. These dogs are not good with traveling people for they can not just have a little walk or be put outside. These dogs need something to do with their brain all day long or you will come home to a mess. So if you are into agility this dog is your kind of dog. These dogs do need to be shown who is the boss because they will nip heels if not. These dogs are great at guarding because they are very loyal. If you are interested in a male they will be on average 27 to 30 inches and weigh about 32 to 35 pounds. While females are 17 to 19 inches and weigh about 30 to 35 pounds. These dogs are not for apartments, but I do recommend a large yard and at the best a job to do every day, like agility training . They live to be about 12-15 years of age and if wanted they would have an average of 1-7 puppies. Are easy in the grooming department. Dragon Orchid out!!!!!!!

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