Dragon Orchid - Wolves 1st Entry

Hey there people its molly again. This segment is not going to be about dragons, but about wolves. I am obbsessed with wolves, but you probably don't care about that. Moving on, wolves are the ancesstors of the domesticated dog. Here is some interesting facts about the ancestors of dogs: the wolf. In the beginning the population was great where food was. When the humans started cutting down the food source some types of wolf are not here any more and others are close!!! In the 1600's, wolves lived in the grasslands, Arctic highlands, deserts of Arizona and Mexio, forests on the Northwest, and the plains of Texas and Liousana. In the 1700's the population was almost gone including the gray wolf, mexician wolf, red wolf, and Ethiopain wolf. Wolf population is 15 wolves in Idaho, 70 in Michigan, 5 in Washington, and 55 in Wisconsin. These populations might decrease even more. Red wolves only have a small part in the population. The Ethiopian wolf is the only true wolf in Africa. In this hybrid, only 500 wolves remain in the population. To help them they are going to start putting them in zoos. The largest population of wolves are in the Northern Hemisphere areas with the most rugged terrain. The biggest population of wolves are in the US, mostly Alaska. Internationally the most is the Sovet Union. They have 90 thousand.
There is an order to living in a pack. One male and female lead the pack . They build very strong relationships with each other. This way their is less death and more cooperation. The social ranking does change though. If the male or female can't produce anymore: old age, become ill, or are wounded. Then they are replaced with the next most dominant wolf or wolves.Omega is the lowest.This rank gets bullied. Sometimes the other wolves do it so much they leave and become a lone wolf. This lone wolf make up 15% of the population.
Thediet of the wolves is basically anything they can find. They eat about 12 pounds of food in the day. The Tudra wolf is an example of this they love caribou but they eat mice , ground squirrels , and birds. There will be more wolf segments!!!!! Dragon Orchid out!!!!!!

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