Dragon Orchid - Dragon's 1st Entry

This is molly. This is going to be the first of many segments on dragons. Okay dragons, first of all are the most awesome of all the mythical creatures. If you don't believe this stop reading now. If you do great you'll like this. Dragons are one of the most fierce mythical creatures that there is. If you ever meet one call me, then get the heck out of there. Reason one, dragons have impenetrable scales, claws that are sharper than the sharpest materials, and fire, did I mention the fire? The fire is either ultra poisonness, white hot, or both. Oh yeah I forgot the horns, the horns can kill you. Well to be honest the whole the thing can kill you. The only way to avoid instant death is to either give it a riddle with high stakes, or to be bonded to it like that Eragon kid. Those among other ways are the only ways to avoid death. This is getting long so I'll end it here 'til next time. Dragon Orchid out!

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Dragon Orchid - Dragon's 1st Entry (Animals)    -    Author : Molly - Cyprus

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