Guidedog Rossi's dog blog - Rossi

me again with my new friends .. Katie and Sam

this is me with my toy

Hi everyone Im a big black labrador guide dog puppy called Rossi
I was a couple of weeks old when I went to live with my mum (Pauline)and dad (Doug) and to be Honest I think they loved me as soon as they saw me.. well you can't blame them afterall I am a handsome boy even if I do say so myself!.

For the first couple of days I stayed in my bed and played with my toys until I was interupted by mum who took my outside said "busy-busy" and gave me a treat I'd only done a wee but hey I dont mind I like food!!
When I had settled in my new friends came to see me and we played and played and played... that was fun but I did get tired so I slept on their lap.

when I was twelve weeks old I went to a place called vets and they gave me lots of attention and told my mum that I could go for walks next week. woop woop I could hardly wait!

Ohh I went outside for a walk it was so fun we went passed something mum called shops there was lots of them after a while i got tired so mum caried me that was fun I got to have a cuddle with her but then I got distracted by something my mum called it a book (I think) I don't know what it said but it looked interesting and it made my mum and dad smile

After all this writing and thinking I'm tired so I'm going to go to bed now and I will tell you more about my adventures soon, bye from me Rossi

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