The diary of my pets aniken and honey - about Aniken and Honey

Aniken is a classy little cat he's very sneaky and you never know when he attacks! He enjoys
quiet and calm days so he can sit by the window and watch the birds in the trees or sleep on your bed and sun bathe. Aniken does yoga on my bed too. He meows at the door when he has to go to the bath room or if he is hungry. When Honey my dog walks by he swats at her nose as if to say "move dog your blocking my light!!"
Honey is the exact opposite of Aniken she's always loud and likes to bang her tail on stuff. She has a very happy go lucky personality unlike Aniken she doesn't do yoga or sun bathe. She's different from any dog because she never barks and she doesn't bite but she purrs and loves when you itch her tummy. She's a Labrador retriever. She doesn't like toys she only likes you. If someone who's new to her walks into our house she will be the first to jump on them.
none of the pictures are of the real animals only cats and dogs who look like them

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The diary of my pets aniken and honey - about Aniken and Honey (Animals)    -    Author : Rachael - USA

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