Animals around the World

Do you know about animals? If you don't,then don't worry because I will help!
I'll teach you about animals,and one day you'll be a pro. I'll have riddles,jokes,and facts about them.I'll tell you about their habitat's and where they live or mostly where they live!I hope you will not get bored and I hope you'll enjoy this.Also feel free to ask me for answers to animal promblems and just questions.I'll answer on my website.

Tips For Animal promblems

when you feed some stray animals because you feel guilty that there are very hungry,do they keep following you and there always coming to you door and they keep coming back?
I have a soulution,keep putting the food in a different spot.then they will keep coming over there.

Funny Pics


i missed you

Evil Bunny

mommy that guy has a gun

im leaving to go to the army i love you all

good job,now build an ark

dont eat too much

whats this !

la la la la i love to pick berries

ok i confess,i ate all your cupcakes

this was the old fashioned way

i need a little more room

dont worry,my ears are wide open

aren't we just adorable

i hope you know that i charge 5 dollars an hour

what are you doing!?im stealing you.

darn the caps these days

this one is mine!


hey you guys like my new haircut,im trying the micheal jackson style


whats up

gotta rock'n'roll!

touch zee duck,I kill you

you want a piece of me

Will you Marry Me?No Way fatty palatty! UH-UH!!!!

Me big,me strong,me fish tied to a shark fin from 99 cent store

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