Extinct Animals :(

Above is a picture of a hairy-eared dwarf lemur that has a population of about 100- 1000 today and is nearing extintion. Animals have been going extinct for years and humans are one of the reasons causing the extinction. Many species have gone extinct due to hunting and destruction of the animal's home. Yet, for many species that have said to have been extinct there have been reports on sightings of footprints or farm animals being killed by an unknown source (such as sheep). I am writing this to inform you about a few of the species that have been extinct for many years, forgoten forever.

Can you believe this animal, the tasmanian tiger (or Thylacine), went extinct JUST in the year of 1936?? It became extinct mainly because of hunters and there is a slight chance some may be remaining today.

This toad was thought to go extinct due to global warming in 1989.

The dodo bird went extinct around the 1600's and became extinct due to humans hunting them. People caught them because they were easier to catch than turkeys along with other birds and more friendly as well as big.

This animal was known as the quagga and it became extinct in africa in 1883.

This was a tiger called a caspian or persian tiger and it was one of the third largest tigers in the world. The tiger became extinct around 70 years ago along with the bali and javan tigers. The main reason for extintion is because of hunters, like most extinct species today. There is also a slight chance that the tiger could still be alive.
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