Animals and the environment

Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! It's mainly about the environment and the effect on animals. There's gonna be new stuff often, so check back as often as you can!


Global Warming

Here's a few websites that can give you more info than i can- I'm not a professional;)

World Wildlife Fund
Hinterlands's Who's Who
Global Warming Info
More Environmental Info

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There are also alot of endangered species in the world because or environmental problems. I am going to do a short information segment on a few endangered species- If you have any that I don't have up that you would like to see, just leave a comment in the guestbook, or email me! Thanks,

The Tiger

There are only approximatley 2,500 to 5,000 Tigers left in the wild today. They are mostly endangered because of hunting and poaching, not so much environmental problems.
•Common name: Siberian Tiger
•Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica
•Love to swim! (Kinda unusual, seeing as house cats hate water!:P)
•Adult tigers can eat over 90 pounds of food in one sitting!

The Koala

The koala is endangered due to disease, habitat destruction, logging, and other reasons. The biggest decline was in the 20th century. Koala's are native to Australia.
Koala Facts:
•There is an International Save the Koala day
•They only weigh from 9-20lbs.
•They are about 70-90cm (27-36")

The Polar Bear

The polar bear has been endangered for quite a while, mostly due to global warming. The polar bears habitat is being destroyed(or melted, I guess) so it is losing its natural habitat and ways of life.
•Babies are only the size of a mouse when they are born!
•Male polar bears can grow over 9 feet tall!
•Polar Bear hair isn't really white. It is really clear tubes of hair that when they are all together, they appear white.

The Elephant
There used to be a huge demand for Ivory, which is what the elephants tusks were made of. Poachers would hunt these animals in search of riches. Elephants used to roam all of Africa and about half of Asia. Asian elephants were less abundant, and now there are only about 40,000 of both species together left.
•Largest animal on land
•Trunks can hold up to 3 gallons of water
•They can weigh as much as a school bus!

The Giant Panda
Panda bears are found only in China, except it can be found in zoos. Poaching and habitat destruction are the main factors of its scarcity.
•Grows from 5-6 feet high
•Probably the most famous endangered animal
•Only now exists in small inland China areas.
[picture not found]

Earth Day is a day that most people take for granted. It is a day dedicated to the state of our planet and what we can do to save it. Things like the o-zone layer, etc. are recongnized on this day.
Most people participate in earth day by planting a tree or cleaning up their school feild. Lets just hope people continue to do that so we can keep our earth as clean and best as we can.

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